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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

What's Up: July 2015

Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon
July 1 @ 10:20 p.m.
Cancer New Moon
July 15 @ 9:24 p.m.
Leo/Aquarius Full Moon
July 31 @ 6:43 a.m.

Summer heat is turned on high as July begins with a Full Moon and ends with a second Full Moon. Known as "once in a blue Moon," this phenomenon is based on the Gregorian calender, and the fact that in any given month only occasionally are there two Full Moons.

In the Moon’s 28-day orbit around our Earth, the Moon opposes the Sun, and this allows it to receive the Sun’s full illumination. The Full Moon on July 1 activates the zodiac signs of Cancer and Capricorn.

Powerful Full Moon Alignment
The astrological chart for this lunation shows Mars in Cancer closely orbiting the Sun, and Moon in Capricorn closely aligned with Pluto. In mythology, Mars is the archetypical warrior and Pluto, lord of the underworld. To have both of these energies so closely aligned with the Full Moon spells planetary unrest at the least.

For those of you that have been following my article for several years, you may recall the astrological alignment known as the "Cardinal Climax." July is a month when these planetary energies kick up more dust for us to settle in our lives.

Just when you think things are winding down, you may uncover more essential pieces to a complex puzzle that is begging to be resolved and put to rest. Over these years, some people have been responding on more psychological/spiritual levels, while others have been forced to make significant changes in their life circumstances.

In some situations, you may choose to give it all a rest by letting go and surrendering the outcome. Other circumstances may boil to a head, and taking action is precisely what needs to happen.

Clearly seeing the most effective response is part of this dynamic planetary picture that has been pushing the envelope of change since summer 2010. While I have witnessed the effects ranging across a spectrum of concerns, the bottom line is breakdown to breakthrough.

Then an Intense New Moon Alignment
By the New Moon on July 15, there is an intense alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in the zodiac sign of Cancer that continues to activate the Uranus/Pluto configuration. These combustive and destabilizing influences impact most of July.

It’s probably best to "err on the side of caution" as you maneuver through these uncertain waters. Here are particular days to be especially aware: July 6-8, 12-18, 22-27.

The instinctive response of Cancer the Crab is to dive beneath the sand for security. You may find yourself and others instinctively retreating and needing the safe container of boundaries such as home, body awareness, and a warm embrace.

So often in our modern world we rely upon containers that are troubled and uncomfortable. The Cancerian energy can help us cultivate ease of being, equanimity, empathy and compassion for self and others.

US Independence Day, July 4
For better or worse, the zodiac sign of Cancer powerfully affects all Americans. Celebrating Independence Day on July 4, the United States demonstrates many Cancerian traits.

This zodiac sign is the protecting parent, setting boundaries and providing safety for the offspring. In this way, the U.S. has repeatedly assumed the role of protector in an attempt to parent its people and the world. The issues of boundaries, authority, economic security and global influence will continue to be major themes as the presidential election of 2016 looms upon the horizon.

The most recognized astrology chart for the U.S. has been cast for July 4, 1776 at 5:10 p.m. According to these calculations, the U.S. is completing a 28-year karmic cycle. In the completion of a cycle, there is less influence and more confusion as to what the country stands for. It is a necessary phase of disintegration, release and re-evaluation.

From an astrological point of view, it is fascinating to note that the country will continue to be in limbo until the autumn of 2016. At this point, the country will again emerge on the world stage with a more clearly defined strategy and ideology.

Venus’ Ethical Concerns in Relationships
Another interesting planetary player is Venus and its retrograde phase beginning on July 25. Over the course of eight years, the zodiac path of Venus forms a pentagram, the auspicious five-pointed star.

As the planet of sensuality, adornment, love, beauty, artistry and harmony, Venus is basically a feminine energy. When Venus is retrograde there is a need for introspection and reconsideration of ethical concerns within relationships. It is a time of observing and reviewing behavior.

This can be as simple as upgrading one’s wardrobe or redecorating a room. It can also be more complicated, such as recognizing insincerity in self and others.

The human tendency to put on a happy face to please others is ready to get a needed facelift of honesty during a Venus retrograde phase. This internal taking stock serves to press us insistently to get in touch with personal values and what truly matters in the big scheme of things.

Venus also affects national and global events in terms of diplomacy. There tends to be a softening of aggression, another indication of the need to rethink strategy and approach to human relations.

Venus is retrograde until September 6, at which point this introspective phase completes with more insight into what is needed for harmony as well as authentic self-expression.

Accelerated Heart Expansion
An additional boost of Venus energy is due to its close orbit with Jupiter, and both of them can be seen in the evening sky. On July 1, August 4 and October 25, these planets join and shine their healing, uplifting and beneficial rays upon a beleaguered, weary and lost humanity. Together they set the stage for accelerated heart expansion over these coming months.

Our Sun enters the zodiac sign of Leo on July 22, closely followed by Mercury entering Leo on the 23rd. Known as the messenger of the gods, Mercury is the planet of cognition, speaking, translation, listening and learning. Mercury interprets the solar will as it activates the human mind.

As part of the Mercury cycle, this joining of Sun and Mercury is a time of synthesis and understanding of the past instilling a resolve to move full speed ahead.

Age of Aquarius & Individual Expression
A second Full Moon occurs on July 31, and activates the zodiac signs of Leo and Aquarius. These signs are highly charged as the new age of Aquarius dawns.

Their unique message is about authority, styles of leadership and those who are led. Aquarian energies streaming upon the planet encourage a keen and clear look at the ways we give power away to leaders.

A true leader leads by example while encouraging each individual to be his or her best self. We see these themes operating in personal life situations as well as collective consciousness. It is the backdrop to the urge for self-expression, respect for each person’s uniqueness, humanitarian outreach and freedom.

Special Events @ Crystal Visions
At the beginning of each season, Crystal Visions hosts the Quarterly Preview. Together with three other intuitives, we present our take on the upcoming season. Even though we do not confer with each other before the event, we are always amazed at the continuity and consistency of what we share with the audience.

This past event in June was no exception as all four of us saw the summer being chaotic and combustive on just about every front of our collective experience.

As I review the planetary forecast for July, the picture comes into focus. Our beautiful Earth is moving into rarefied frequencies whereby many deep and dark shadows are surfacing for the purpose of being lifted into the light for healing.

It is as though humanity has been caught in the ego’s snare with all of its self-importance, vanity, struggle and strife. Each heart carries an imprint of hurt, wounding and separation, and each heart is being prepared for its awakening.

Upliftment is Always Available
This is simply the nature of the times we live in as many old patterns are being cleared from deep levels of our personal and collective existence. It is essential to cease giving energy to the shadow, but cultivate faith while lifting up our vision to see a larger plan beyond the little self.

It’s a whole new dawn as the Aquarian energies stream upon the planet. Every moment, Source is pouring forth the pristine vibrations of light and love into every nook and cranny of our being, and while this may not be headline news according to consensus reality, this is very good news for each and every being. Enjoy!

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 35 years experience. She is available for personal consultations. A full listing of her services can be found on her site: Phone her at: 828-215-2101 or email: