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What's Up: December 2014

Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon
December 6 @ 7:27 a.m.

Winter Solstice
December 21 @ 6:03 p.m.

Capricorn New Moon
December 21 @ 8:36 p.m.

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Another year older, and hopefully, another year wiser, the Grand Finale of December 2014 is upon us. As many odds and ends wrap up to complete the year, there is plenty of action in the planetary sphere to support a month of festivity, renewal and celebration.

Time to Open to New Possibilities
The energies feel gentler and kinder than recent months. It’s time to take a respite from daily concerns, and allow the zodiac sign of Sagittarius to broaden our perspective through humorous interaction, philosophical inquiry and hopeful enthusiasm.

This may sound like a tall order for a world in peril, but Sagittarius is the court jester with a rare talent for putting us at ease while cracking a smile at the seriousness of life.

The month begins like a breath of fresh air, albeit tinged with frost and snowflakes. On December 4, Mars enters Aquarius to give a sociable, unique and unpredictable spin on holiday preparation. Thankfully, there is plenty of fire to heat things up as Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus transit through the fire signs of Sagittarius, Leo and Aries.

All these factors line up harmoniously as long as the need for individual expression and flexibility is honored. The fire signs do not like to be told what to do, and the positive qualities of Mars in Aquarius can only thrive in an independent and creative environment.

A Full Moon on December 6 provides plenty of action and exchange of new ideas. With the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, this Full Moon encourages an adventurous spirit. You may find yourself and others making decisions about travel and education, while speculating on future possibilities.

Both these zodiac signs are inquisitive, lively and curious when open to direct experience. Everyone can benefit from a fresh look at life from the standpoint of childlike wonder.

Camaraderie, Healing and Relief
As planetary ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter is a strong influence as it appears to move fairly slowly throughout the month, turning retrograde on December 8. Jupiter governs the principle of expansion. Many times, this is just what is needed to provide camaraderie, healing and relief.

A change of pace, a weekend getaway, a luscious sweet, a funny movie, there are many ways to switch it up and take a break. However, Jupiter’s expansion can rapidly overdo. As the holidays are ripe with possibilities and temptation to over spend, eat, drink and be merry, it may be wise to remember that January is around the corner, and maintaining balance is desirable in the long run.

The complementary energy to Jupiter is Saturn, the planet of contraction. Saturn puts a fence around Jupiter’s unbridled enthusiasm. On the positive side, Saturn gives form, discipline and structure to Jupiterian inspiration and ideals. On December 10, Venus enters serious, down-to-business Capricorn, joining the on-going planetary interplay of Uranus and Pluto on the 20th.

The second half of December is filled with the shake, rattle and roll dynamic of global transformation, pushing the envelope of change as we prepare to enter a new year.

6th Square of 7 Between 2012 – 2015
On December 16, Uranus and Pluto exactly square off once again. This is the sixth square in a series of seven contacts taking place 2012-15. To get some perspective on the momentous nature of this square, let’s consider that Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the entire zodiac, and Pluto takes 246 years.

The last time they contacted each other in exact alignment was fifty years ago in the mid-1960s, the decade of radical accelerated social change.

Having come of age in that era, I can easily recall the palpable intensity and urgency for evolutionary change. From civil rights to women’s rights, a raging war in Vietnam, growing awareness of ecological deterioration, the list goes on and on.

This current square of Uranus and Pluto is refueling, upgrading and catalyzing the next stages of this initial seeding of consciousness.

To give further perspective, after this current series concludes next Spring, these planets culminate by major aspect in 2045-46. Obviously, this is an enormous cycle affecting planet Earth, not just our individual lives.

It is about our Collective Consciousness as a Species.
Events, breakthroughs and decisions today are a catalyst within this long-term cycle. It is certain, those living in this mid-century will historically evaluate and examine current events as foundational in sustaining life on the planet.

Hopefully, they will be looking at what went right and be thankful for the major developments of this period.

This brings me to a question a reader emailed recently. She shared concern that humanity appears to be going backwards, devolving rather than evolving. This was not a question I could easily answer in an email.

All it takes is turning on the daily news to wonder the same thing. After some consideration, I will attempt to put in my little two cents as my response to her from an astrological perspective.

First of all, the Uranus/Pluto aspect is happening against the backdrop of the concluding Pisces Age and the beginning Aquarian Age. This 26,000-year cycle, widely understood and accepted in the ancient Vedic tradition, is beyond our current historical reference point.

There is also the turn of the century, the Mayan calendar, and many other reference points from a variety of traditions. But, most people can agree that something momentous and transformative is happening.

Consider your individual life flow - when you are in between jobs, degrees, relationships, locations, etc. Within the flux of life there are decisions to be made, projects to complete, actions to be taken, and very often, a sense of overwhelm in the choices to be made.

Add to this, the amazing array of options modern society gives us on a daily basis from what foods to eat, where to live, what car to drive and what new technical device to purchase and than learn.

Transformation Takes Us Beyond Comfort Zone
There are major adaptions happening to our species every moment. Is it any wonder that in the midst of all this stressful commotion people are falling back on the familiar options of acquisition, violence and control?

The current direction is not sustainable, this is clear. In many cases, humanity doesn’t know any better, but this is where those that see the light and possibility of day can make a huge difference as “frequency holders,” as Eckhart Tolle would say.

Pluto is the planetary energy of purification as it brings subconscious material up for transmutation. Uranus is the awakener, shaking things loose, freeing the very things that Pluto is surfacing.

From the metaphysical perspective, the unresolved karmic condition of humanity, personally and collectively, is surfacing for release, healing and forgiveness. Simply watch a historical movie or read a history book, to remember the Piscean Age has been fraught with violence, confusion, misunderstanding and darkness.

To a large extend, humanity is not only lost, but locked into a prison of its own making. But, as priorities shift, and horizons expand, the time is now to regain our footing in the only real and true existence of universal consciousness.

Surrendering to Love
The Aquarian Age is barely beginning. In a 26,000 year cycle, who knows the exact year and time when we are firmly in this new age? We are in the in-between place, where choice plays the most vital and pivotal role.

It is not easy to choose love when others appear to be choosing otherwise. It is not easy to choose the forgiveness and compassion when the soul is burdened with memory, the stockpile of unresolved lifetimes of hurt and mistrust.

The way forward may not feel easy now, but Uranus and Pluto in square to each other are pushing every single incarnated being to the maximum of their capacity. These planets are insisting on a radical departure from the past in the midst of the maximum resistance.

The familiar cravings, habits, programming and patterns touch every level of our existence. This is a very deep planetary cleansing, and the tendency is to hold on, fight and resist.

So often words like compassion, forgiveness and acceptance are thrown around as though we really know what they mean. In reality, humanity has only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of the celestial assistance and healing available when one drops to their knees in deep spiritual surrender.

Love of Self Unifies All
In astrology we have a phrase, "trining the squares." Squares are generally stressful, taking a lot of effort and patience in the face of trials and setbacks. They are also confusing, and events can feel arbitrary and disruptive. After this current square pattern of 2012-15, Uranus and Pluto will join in a trine in 2025-27.

Now, please don’t be disheartened with the lengthy perspective of another ten plus years. Each day, every moment is propelling humanity through a very dark, but extremely important passage of taking a good look at itself.

The problems are in our face, so to speak. It is no longer possible to avoid, duck and hide, the urgency to surmount and overcome is fueling a global transformation. In fact, it is very important to not make excuses and wait, but to embrace the current state of affairs as the opportunity to participate and make a difference.

The exact nature of action is not what’s important. The most important thing is to choose kind and loving lightheartedness for self and others. Share it freely with those around you.

Potent New Beginnings
The Grand Finale of 2014 is indeed grand. Three major astrological events occur on December 21. Amazingly on this same day, there is Winter Solstice, a Capricorn New Moon and Uranus goes direct. All three point to a new beginning. This is an optimal time to set intentions that have the potential to carry through into 2015.

Add to this potent mix, Saturn leaves the zodiac sign of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on December 23. After two years of scouring the depths of internalized Scorpio awareness, Saturn in Sagittarius will propel a good look at the role of belief, for better or worse, in our individual and collective existence.

There will be more hopefulness, openness, transparency, exploration and global communication. The shift will be palpable as the New Year begins. We are turning a corner. Another swing at the bat. Another chance to make the only real and everlasting choice in this eternal dance of life.

Sending you and yours the very best wishes for a bountiful and richly blessed Holiday season and Happy New Year.

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