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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

What's Up: September 2015

Virgo Solar Eclipse
September 13 @ 2:41 a.m.

Mercury retrograde
September 17 @ 2:10 p.m.

Autumnal Equinox
September 23 @ 4:21 a.m.

Libra/Aries Lunar Eclipse
Harvest Moon
September 27 @ 10:50 p.m.

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Humanity abides within a living, moving celestial system, coherently orchestrated earthly cycles and aligned in universal rhythms. Looking to September’s sky, we view a month jam-packed with planetary action that will dynamically impact each individual as well as our collective experience.

It’s a full, busy and pivotal month on just about every level.

Sandwiched between two profound and powerful eclipses, Mercury enters a retrograde phase on the 17th as autumn’s seasonal shift calls for even more adjustments. Adding to these significant factors, Saturn enters Sagittarius for the next two years, Venus goes direct on September 6, and Pluto goes direct on September 25.

These numerous astrological influences produce one of the most outstanding months of 2015. Obviously, there’s a lot going on, and it can be a bumpy ride without a good dose of flexibility, caution, self-care and compassion.

Relationships Deepen
Let’s begin with Venus, the planet of attraction, love, beauty and harmony. As Venus entered a retrograde phase on July 25, you may have noticed a need to reassess one or more of your relationships. This includes expectations and preferences in relationship as well as habitual patterns of interaction.

Venus joined the Leo New Moon on August 14, enhancing the capacity for open-hearted expression. Venus in Leo is all about authentically and spontaneously expressing warmth, genuine love and vitality in supportive relationships. This influence has set the stage for some bonds of attraction to weaken as other bonds deepen.

As Venus goes direct on September 6, you may notice a sense of being able to move forward with more clarity in terms of your closest relationships including how to relate in an honest, open and accountable way.

This brings us to Mercury and its retrograde phase beginning on September 17, and completing on October 9. As a result of this retrograde phase, Mercury is transiting through the zodiac sign of Libra for a lengthy sojourn, August 27 - October 24.

Throughout these weeks, you may notice a need for outward relationship adjustments based on the internal emotional clarity that deepened during the Venus retrograde phase. These two planets, orbiting close to our Sun, are working in tandem to alert humanity to the need for upgraded communication skills.

The symbols for Libra is the scales of balance. Libra will go to great lengths to cultivate and maintain peace and harmony. However, at the core of the incarnation pattern is the soul repeatedly returning to human form to balance the karma scales. This process is not a punishment but a great gift in learning how to live with heart, and exist in attunement with Source.

It is the area of relationship that humans have the most karma, and it is possible to communicate clearly and definitively with gentle kindness. These weeks will illuminate thoughts and emotions that may surprise and startle, but overall, bring more honesty in changing, shifting and healing dysfunctional relationship dynamics.

International Relationships & Karma
While most effects show up on the interpersonal level, Mercury retrograde in Libra will have major repercussions on the national and international scene. As nations function in an increasingly global society, there are numerous ways the actions of one nation affects others. These interactions an be difficult and confusing to evaluate as there is a need to bridge the economic and cultural divide.

However, just as individuals are challenged to create fair solutions that benefit each, nations are challenged to solve world problems in equitable ways.

The astrological chart for the United States shows a prominent Saturn, the planet of karma and responsibility, in the zodiac sign of Libra. This puts the United States, rightly or wrongly, in the position of being a global peacekeeper. It is a heavy responsibility not to be taken lightly.

During this current and crucial stage of evolution, there is a great deal of controversy and confusion as to what is needed to manifest a more peaceful world. Mercury - the planet of communication, transits and activates the U.S. destiny during it's retrograde phase.

Due to an astrological phenomenon known as "the shadow of Mercury," events that conspire in late August, will have long term impact. Circumstances tend to build and come to a crisis point mid-September, and resolution may not come until late October.

Historically, cultivating harmonious relations through peaceful means has proven challenging. It is becoming increasingly clear, however, war is expensive and it just doesn’t add up in terms of loss of life, property damage and economic instability.

Individually and collectively, humanity is slowly altering methods for resolving differences, turning to diplomacy as the first course of action.

All this said, September and October are months to expect significant events for the United States internally, and its role upon the global stage. Areas of agreement can easily become areas of contention. We will see the need for major diplomatic mediation and negotiations that involve many countries.

Within the U.S., considering the animosity and discord in the early stages of the presidential campaign, Libra’s balancing influences can help to disclose duplicity as well as further camaraderie and alliances based on truth and the collective good.

Powerful Eclipses Add to the Mix
Adding to September’s big news are two eclipses, a solar eclipse on September 13 and lunar eclipse on September 27. This profound and potent alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth acts as a funnel for raw Divine intent to flow directly into earthly matters. Eclipses are known for uncertainty and change as they tend to reveal what is really going on behind the scenes.

Historically, those in power would seek counsel from astrologers as to the timing of eclipses. The potential for downfall, conflict and uprisings is more prevalent when an eclipse activates a sensitive degree in the chart of an individual or country.

Eclipses are based on the lunar cycle. A solar eclipse is always a New Moon, and a lunar eclipse is always a Full Moon. September’s Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is in the zodiac sign of Virgo. This tends to bring issues of disease, food quality, nutrition, employment and worker’s rights to the surface. Watch for themes of wounding, victimization and martyrdom to surge to the forefront.

Chiron, the wounded healer, actively engages this eclipse.

September’s lunar eclipse (on the 27th) will be a spectacular Harvest Moon visible in the night sky across the eastern United States. Not only is this the fourth total lunar eclipse in a row, but it is a Super Moon, exerting a stronger than normal gravitational pull due to its proximity to Earth.

Lunar eclipses are known as times of heightened sensitivity and emotional reactivity. This eclipse brings issues of self-reliance, personal preference and individual expression into direct confrontation with the reality of interdependence in family, community and society.

Thoughtful and clear communication can advance resolution when the necessity for negotiation and compromise arises. Knowing this eclipse tends to increase emotionality can be helpful in harmoniously moving through volatile and disruptive situations.

In researching the astrological energies for September, I came across many predictions on the Internet. All you have to do is goggle "blood moon," a term being used for this lunar eclipse, and you will encounter a barrage of drastic and serious predictions for the world.

With all this input on a planetary level, along with Hollywood’s portrayal of extreme catastrophe, what do we focus on? As light workers, in a world inundated with doom and gloom, pessimism and cynicism, how can we cultivate and enhance a more positive, constructive and hopeful approach?

Almost everyone can agree that people, society and the world situations leave room for improvement, but the interpretation of what this actually means is colored by ideology and cultural perspective.

There is hope waiting in the wings as Saturn enters Sagittarius - the Zodiac sign of belief, on the 17th. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius for the next two years will bring the extremes of belief to the forefront. It can exacerbate animosities toward those of different opinion, but the life-enhancing possibility of this planetary influence is to illuminate and disassemble erroneous, false and misguided beliefs.

This may seem inconsequential in the big scheme of things, but what goes on between the ears of each person plugs into the agenda of large groups and collective consciousness. Most of the time, perspective tends to be limited by language, culture, creed, politics, gender, race, etc.

Saturn in Sagittarius can support a neutral and open-minded attitude while enhancing a new view of global connectivity. The potential to enhance respect and delight in diversity will increase.

Pope Francis, Pluto & Higher Resolution
A beautiful example of celestial timing within human affairs is the visit of Pope Francis to the United States on September 22 - 27. This Pope has captured the public’s attention for his bold compassion, pure motives and authentic devotion. Between two eclipses, and the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, his visit can serve to launch Saturn’s transit through the zodiac sign of belief.

Watch for clues of this significant trend toward compassion as it unfolds on the global stage for the next two years. And there’s more. Pluto begins its yearly direct phase on September 25.

Pluto is halfway through the zodiac sign of Capricorn (2008 - 2025). This planet of breakdown and breakthrough has been a key player in the Cardinal Climax, a rare astrological configuration that has been in effect since 2010, making its exact alignment with Uranus seven times over the past several years. While these two planets faced off in their 7th square on March 15, they continued to be within what astrologer’s call, "orb of influence."

So far, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has demonstrated the very epitome of greed, misuse of wealth, waste, pollution, shocking events and violence. Adding to the complex picture of September and October is Mercury and its exact alignment with Pluto on September 9th, 24th and October 22.

Even though the repetitive nature of Pluto tends to surface what is suppressed, hidden and unacknowledged, there is potential for some resolution. On one hand, this alignment can help us make sense of the chaos and uncertainty of recent years. On the other hand, there is potential for some distance, perspective and closure.

I must admit, writing this issue of What’s UP has been a wild ride. Just when I thought it was complete, I was reminded of another significant factor to mention. I was captivated, at times overwhelmed, with the shear complexity of the astrological trends for this month, and the issues humanity faces on a global scale.

If you have read thus far, I appreciate your patient thoughtfulness in considering these issues, and application of your wisdom, intelligence and heart to the matters at hand. When all is said and done, I realize it is time to step back, dial it back, choose trust, simplicity and relaxation, all of which can most likely do more for the planet than anything else at this most crucial time.

No matter what, our hearts are smiling.

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