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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

What's Up: November 2015

Scorpio New Moon
November 11 @ 12:47 a.m.

Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon
November 25 @ 5:44 p.m.

Autumn is in full swing now. The shift is quite apparent as daylight time ends on November 1. Each day dawns visibly shorter while the trees are increasingly bare. All Saints Day is a sacred time serving as reminder of all things fleeting in this ephemeral dimension of form. In essence this is the message of Scorpio, the most intense, deep and probing of zodiac teachers.

The Scorpio New Moon occurs on November 11, followed shortly by a Mercury conjunction on the 17th. This is a very significant part of the Mercury cycle of communication, and wraps up Mercury’s retrograde cycle of recent months.

Basically, there is an opportunity to see very deeply into numerous matters that may have been obscured up to this point. The depth of insight may very well appear in mundane conditions, and lead to manifestation and real improvements in earthly matters.

At the same time, there is potential for all kinds of revelations to surface. Awareness is amplified as the inner eye can sense the delicate and routinely indiscernible bridge between the subconscious, unconscious and super-conscious levels. Illusions can dispel instantly in the light of this pure understanding.

Thumps on the Hard Head of Denial
This is November’s theme as it ranges between the subtle, perhaps illusive, urge for transcendence, and real life events. These events may show up like a Zen master delivering the proverbial surprise thump of illumination on the hard head of denial.

This psychologically deep and probing phase offers respite and healing for those open to transformation. True to its theme of change, the zodiac sign of Scorpio contains a natural evolutionary progression.

As the Scorpion scurries around in the shadows ready to deliver its deathblow, there is another symbol akin to Scorpio, and this is the potential for transcendence represented by the eagle. The eagle soars above it all, taking in the big picture, courageously flying the highest and closest to Sun’s pure illumination.

Other planets feed into and support this dynamic process throughout November. Chiron offers its healing for past wounds that might otherwise stop or interfere with resolution and release. Pluto offers it’s penetrating and laborious insistence on real change without a stone unturned.

New Skin, New Healthier Identity is Possible
Thankfully, Jupiter offers a good dose of grace and ease, while Neptune soothes and calms the watery world of soul and spirit. Another appropriate Scorpio symbol is the serpent shedding its skin, and there is tremendous capacity for renewal as Jupiter continues its year in Virgo, the zodiac sign of health.

Not only is there is an opportunity to see what is out of synch, the roots of distress and disease, there is a chance to make great headway in transforming daily habits that undermine health. The meticulous and careful nature of Virgo gives a boost to all decisions that aim to improve and support healthy lifestyle choices.

Initially it may appear that November is the month for solitary strides, and beneficial improvements in personal wellbeing. However, on November 8 and 12, Venus and Mars respectively enter Libra for the remainder of the month.

These are the social planets traveling through the outgoing, party-going, sociable and personable zodiac sign of Libra. After all, the holiday season is upon us, and these planets will assist in the preparations, beautification, and all the elements that go into a successful event.

Embodying Spiritual Energies
A Full Moon on November 25 kicks off Thanksgiving weekend with all the attendant travel and busyness the holiday season typically brings.

With Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini, be on the lookout for plenty of interesting conversation, and diverse points of view. This is a good time to listen as well as speak. An attitude of detached curiosity and open mindedness goes a long way in soothing and harmonizing relations.

Keeping this in mind and heart, let’s take a look at a potent alignment between Saturn and Neptune that is exact on Thanksgiving Day.

First of all, Neptune is hovering at seven degrees of Pisces all month due to a stationary direct phase. When a planet appears to be moving slowly, it is sending a specific message, drilling in its lessons, so to speak.

In this case, Neptune in Pisces (2010 - 2025) is dissolving the boundaries of consciousness and opening the human heart to genuine spirituality through direct and immediate experience. This process can border on the mystical and ineffable while sensitizing one’s heart to the widespread suffering of others.

This is a clarion call for everyone to break free of self absorbed and myopic thinking. It is a matter of being alert and aware to one’s close environment as well as the global level. The opportunity to offer a helping hand is immense.

Suffering has its place on this dimension as it propels one to reconnect with the timeless, pure existence of Source for unconditional love and solutions to the complex problems that plague humanity. Neptune in Pisces helps us accept this part of life as well as relinquish the stuck places of selfishness, willfulness and denial.

Inner Search for Faith versus Doctrine
Enter Saturn in Sagittarius (2015 - 2017). Over the next year, there is potential for humanity to be tested to the limits of faith and belief. In fact, this is exactly what taskmaster Saturn has in store for us.

Belief [in the doctrines of a religion]* tends to be abstract and elusive, taken for granted in the form of religion, philosophy, culture and creed. These are the areas where knowledge tends to be conditioned by one’s tribe and cultural heritage. Open-minded people tend to thrive during Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius while those more bonded to narrow opinion may lose the opportunity to expand beyond boundaries of past programming.

These planetary influences speak to the tendency of people to look for faith in all the wrong places. The inherent longing to return home to divine connection takes many forms. In this grand quest of lost and found, humanity teeters on the brink of extinction.

Saturn in Sagittarius will put an exclamation point on this search, illuminating priorities and stripping desire down to the bare bone. The intensity and urgency for change is amplified as humanity looks in the mirror and collectively faces the undeniable truth.

This process has many repercussions. While Saturn is the planet of reality, Neptune is the planet of illusion. The gap between reality and possibility may appear insurmountable leading to despair, depression, hopelessness and addiction in those inclined in that direction. It is a slippery slope, and in my opinion, each of us will be challenged to keep [illusion vs. reality]* in perspective.

Planetary Awakening
Another analogy for this planetary alignment is an oceanic undertow that threatens to draw all into its current. The only way out is to float above the currents. Choosing high vibration thoughts, feelings and activities is moment by moment. It is a matter of trusting in the future while actively participating in this historic, unprecedented collective period of planetary awakening.

These words "planetary awakening" ring a bell. In spring of 1992, I wrote this monthly astrology article for the first time, and for a new publication called, "The Networker - A Common Link of the Voices for Planetary Awakening." My husband published this alternative newspaper.

At the time, this title seemed to come out of nowhere. Each day, "The Networker" team was receiving a download of information that was mind-altering, and paradigm shifting. The world wide web was emerging with all sorts of possibilities for global connection, and we were receiving articles from around the world on fascinating, out of the ordinary, topics such as crop circles, the Mayan calendar, devas and angels, alternative therapies, mind/body health, and so much more.

You can imagine the kinds of waves this little newspaper made in southern and then-conservative Asheville. We weathered weird phone calls and letters from fundamentalists as we struggled to pay the bills and keep food on the table. Amazingly, more than twenty years have passed since those early struggles, and the "common link" has continued to expand and grow.

Surfing the Tides of Change
How can a person, a faction, a group, stop what’s new, what’s next? Even the idea of it is laughable, and this is exactly what Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is saying. The future is coming no matter what.

It is happening despite resistance, denial or even the best of intentions. It is happening despite all the familiar conditioned, reflexive, habitual attitudes and agendas that people have gotten very used to. These are the currents, the undertows that pull us in many directions, away from each other and away from progress.

An oceanic wave of consciousness is carving its own creation in the shifting sands of time. There is a progression, there is a [flow]* for those willing to tune in, receive guidance, and ride the wave.

Now is an opportunity to wake up, look around, see where you fit, and enthusiastically participate in emerging solutions. Sagittarius is the zodiac teacher of visions and prophecy. It is about seeking and finding, the thrill of the quest. Humanity is on the verge of a momentous transformation that not one of us alone can even imagine.

During this season of giving thanks, may we approach the quest with an attitude of humility, in full acceptance that we don’t really know anything in this vast existence of many mysteries. In this way, it is possible to float free of the past with all of its struggles, strife and undertows.

It is possible to be fully present, and have the ride of our lives.

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