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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

What's Up April 2014

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
April 15 @ 3:24 p.m.
Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse
April 29 @ 2:14 a.m.

Shake, Rattle & Roll
Held within the embrace of celestial cycles and planetary orbits, Earth is due for a wild ride throughout the month of April. The shake, rattle and roll of planetary aspects accelerate evolution, bringing to mind, the common adage - “there’s never a dull moment."

April is a month of surprise and adventure, breakthroughs and illumination.
Spring is in full swing, and as our Sun moves through Aries skies, the natural response is to get moving.

Additionally, April Fools Day may set the tone for foolish, impetuous, irrational and impulsive action. Anything goes, and more than likely, we will see a vast array of responses as the month unfolds.

Catapulting Change, Ready or Not
Several archetypes from the ancient Tarot card deck come to mind. As the very first card of the Tarot deck, the Fool stands ready, out on a limb, stepping off a cliff into the unknown, with only memory and experience in his backpack. This is a bold step taken with complete trust and faith, and there is no turning back.
The other Tarot card that comes to mind is the Wheel of Fortune representing a point of destiny, a time of drastic and irrevocable transformation.

Over recent years, I have written about the Grand Cross/Cardinal Climax as a crossroads for humanity. Planetary trends for April literally urge, propel, insist and catapult movement, whether it is welcomed or not, thought through or not. Events and circumstances demand solutions that require immediacy and action.

To summarize the effects of this rare planetary configuration of the Grand Cross/Cardinal Climax . . . let’s look at the timing.

Uranus and Pluto are two main players, and their cycles kick off major social trends. While they show up in our personal lives, they are really beyond self, and represent the historical moment, the "signs of the times."

The last time they melded their energies was in the mid-1960's, years characterized by upheaval, rebellion and revolution. If you lived through that decade, you have your own unique memories and know what I mean. It was a decade extraordinary in its power of disruption and innovation. There were significant and major changes in ideas, beliefs and social interaction with repercussions continuing to this day.

Long-term Major Change
Whenever slow moving planets like Uranus and Pluto come together, they produce long-term trends that take place over years. The bare beginnings of the current engagement of Uranus and Pluto were obvious in the final months of the Obama and McCain campaign, and well underway at Obama’s Inauguration in January 2009.

Enormous institutions that hold society together were exposed for their corruption and greed, resulting in a tsunami of economic upheaval, and a slow, but sure, slide into stagnation, discouragement and disillusionment for a vast majority of the populace.

President Obama’s election, Gulf Oil Spill, mortgage and currency crisis, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, WikiLeaks, Fukushima, Snowden, stalemate in the U.S. Congress are just some of the big picture newsworthy events.

Considering the timing of this entire historical trend, we see it beginning in early 2009, and gathering momentum from 2010 to now, and preparing to finalize on a short year from now. Realistically, finalize is probably not the most descriptive word. However, astrologically and numerically, the timing of planetary aspects between Uranus and Pluto have their final and exact engagement on March 16, 2015!

So, how does this figure into April 2014? I am choosing to call this month the "climax of the climax." Perhaps better said as the "peak of the peak." Whether we are looking at peak oil, peak greed and corruption, the height of ignorance, domination and control, this is a turning point with dramatic events ready to transpire.

Climax of the Climax of Change
The Cardinal Climax is exact, what astrologers call "perfects," throughout April, but especially intense mid-month as it combines with a Lunar Eclipse on April 15.

Eclipses are known for unveiling the substance of issues, revealing the truth of matters, and April’s Lunar Eclipse is no exception. In recent months, tension has been building in the area of relationship: interpersonal, organizations, political parties, government and the governed, nations and world.

While this eclipse brings relationship issues to a head, it also emphasizes cooperation, diplomacy and compromise. Communication always is at the heart of relationship, but this red or "blood" eclipse tends to color ideas with self-interest, and myopic vision, which can be a good thing.

For those open to a change in view, sudden insight and reversals of opinion and approach are available with flexibility and surrender. As much as communication tends to be tricky, resistant and reactionary, opposing forces can serve overall progress.

Hopefully, a sense of stability will dawn by the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 29, holding through May, and the summer months. But no doubt, aftershocks will reverberate for months, and probably for years to come.

The Canary Faints or Flies
Many astrologers see the month of April as a time of great danger for the United States. I realize this sounds dramatic, but keep an eye out for pivotal events that point to long-term trends. Individuals, institutions, as well as nations, may be called to protect their image, authority, power and control on the world stage.

War drums may beat loud, ecological and humanitarian disasters loom. Even more corruption is due to be exposed, while the general public may be relatively unaware of what is going on behind the scenes. In other words, there will be overt demonstrations as well as covert, hidden, behind the scenes entanglements that make life complicated for many.

In considering these planetary trends in regard to the U.S., I am not so sure we are looking at another event on the scale of 9/11, the Iraq War or the Wall Street debacle. In fact, it feels more like a canary in the coalmine, or a frog placed in the pot of cool water whereby the heat simmers on the stove. The country already is in hot water with the heat turned up. Now it is a matter of having the wherewithal to jump out of danger.

In other words, we don’t have to look any further than what already is front and center. The planets cycle together, and history tends to repeat itself.

Uranus and Pluto joined in the 1960s, a decade characterized by similar dynamics of irreconcilable differences and extreme contrast in perspective. The nature of this planetary partnership is to evolve human consciousness up and out of fundamental differences by laying everything out on the table.

Crisis = Danger + Opportunity
Every planetary combination has its gifts. As I contemplate the high and evolved side of these planets, the Grand Cross/Cardinal Climax presents a new and potent opportunity. Let’s consider the faster moving planets of Mars in Libra (December 2013 - July 2014) and Jupiter in Cancer (June 2013 - July 2014).

Mars' position represents a valiant warrior for truth and justice, taking action for fair and equitable solutions. This comes with full realization that the primary battle lies within the human psyche, and peace can come about only when the blame game ceases and the whole is taken into consideration. Mars in Libra aims to create win/win solutions for all.

Jupiter in Cancer is about finding and sustaining roots within family, culture, location and home. Jupiter in this position encourages simplicity and a reverent, gentle, lighthearted walk on this good green earth as nourishing Mother Nature.

The slower moving planets in this dynamic combination are Uranus in Aries (March 2011 - May 2018), and Pluto in Capricorn (2008 - 2024).

Uranus in Aries asks us to follow guidance, act independently when necessary, to stand on our own two feet boldly and be empowered in personal authority as a reflection of direct connection with Source.

Pluto in Capricorn emphasizes that true empowerment comes only through human dignity and personal integrity. Greed, supremacy and domination are not sustainable in the long run. Vitally and growth throughout the entire global matrix can only arise from responsible, accountable and practical approaches as the first and foremost way to rebuild from the ground up.

Like a Forest Fire that Beckons New Growth
In contemplating these trends, I have come upon the analogy of a wildfire. While some tall, strong trees remain standing, wildlife will scatter and virtually all of the undergrowth is burnt to the ground. Good forest management utilizes fires, sometime starting and controlling them. Inevitably, forest fires make way for new growth to arise, new territory to explore.

To take this analogy to the conditions of daily life, there may be situations that truly are out of control, but this should not stop the careful tending and release of that which no longer serves. Fire purifies and illuminates while clearing the dross and superficial. From these archetypical fires arises a renewed sense of direction and being.

During this month of Easter, the cross also is a potent archetype of crucifixion, surrender and release. With major planets at each of the four points, the Grand Cross/Cardinal Climax creates the tension to evolve through humility and acceptance. The wheel of fortune is turning, and to everything there is a season.

April is a stormy month in many forms, but let’s remember the common adage, "April showers bring May flowers." Along with May’s flowers are warm breezes, rainbows and fresh green grass filled with fragrant clover and violets.

Perhaps this dynamic four-pointed Grand Cross is ready to transform overnight into the most rare of clovers, the shamrock. Perhaps this time of trial and trouble is really a time of auspicious good fortune as it clears the undergrowth, preparing the ground of each human heart for a beautiful gift of awakening to the true beauty all life has to offer.