What's Up Astrology - February 2016

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Aquarius New Moon
Chinese New Year: the Monkey
February 8 @ 9:39 a.m.

Pisces/Virgo Full Moon
February 22 @ 1:20 p.m.

A silent snow gently covers the earth as I sit at my desk, gathering thoughts to write this edition of “What's UP.” With all of the frustrations and delays of a winter storm, the quiet and contemplative nature of winter is restoring, healing and rejuvenating. This season challenges us to step back from the busyness of business. It is nature's time out, a chance to stop all doing and just BE.

Even as snow melts and sunny days return, this theme continues throughout February. While holiday celebrations are long gone, and those determined resolutions in process or forgotten, there is another chance to begin anew. February begins with a New Moon on February 8, initiating the Chinese New Year of the Monkey.

Chinese Year of the Monkey
Who doesn't smile watching the playful ease and comical antics of monkeys swinging from branch to branch? The monkey is a living example of curiosity, experimentation and lighthearted agility. Think movement and rapid change with a good dose of humor. It may be helpful to recall Curious George. His hilarious antics got him in trouble, but not for too long, as good generally came out of his unfettered and playful nature.

The astrological chart for the New Moon on February 8, shows both the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of invention. Aquarius thrives on the cutting edge of experimentation, welcoming the dramatic and life changing breakthroughs that result from an open mind and heart.

Each zodiac sign is aligned with a planetary ruler. In the case of Aquarius, there are two supporting planets, Saturn and Uranus. This is a fascinating combination as Saturn respects and upholds tradition, while Uranus breaks free of convention, upgrading and evolving the past to set the pace for future developments. The powerful fulcrum of past and future exist in the NOW.

So, the question is, how is this delicate balance affecting humanity? Clearly, 2016 is a game changer in a multitude of ways. The good news is Saturn and Uranus are in harmonious alignment with each other in this New Moon chart, and this trend continues through the autumn of 2017. Of course, a two-year window to the future is not to be missed!

Respectful Evolutionary Change
It is time to prepare and contemplate what activities, circumstances, attitude and mindset can maximize and enhance these planetary energies in a positive and constructive way for you and those around you. We can begin with some advice from monkey. Loosen up, be present and playful, ever ready to adapt to a changing landscape.

Politically, economically and socially, the contrast between current social conditions, and where our global society is evolving will become clearer and more urgent. Attempts at control, manipulation and deceit are obvious to an ever-increasing segment of the population. Adhering to outmoded beliefs and behaviors is to languish in the past, and miss all the wonderful opportunities around the corner. It is time to listen well and heed the call.

Let's look at each of these planetary trends. Currently, Saturn is transiting through Sagittarius (late 2015 – December 2017), and Uranus is transiting through Aries (2010 – 2018).

Both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs. The cold winters days are an ideal time to contemplate the element of fire as it warms, radiates and illuminates. The emphasis on fire demonstrates the energetic support to embody your aspirations. There's no time like the present to be active, bold and courageous. However, fire can burn out, so it's necessary to tend your own fire, follow the inner compass, and manifest what is meaningful to you.

A caveat to keep in mind, especially for February, is Mars transiting through Scorpio. While the primary impulses are outgoing, social, humanitarian and community oriented, Mars in Scorpio is reserved, cautious, even resistant and fearful of the vulnerability that comes from expressing strong emotion. This is a month to tread lightly, and not force others to come to the table if they are in a tender place. When someone feels safe enough with you to share their deep secrets, this is a holy and healing moment for all concerned.

Through February 20, all of the visible planets can be seen in the morning sky. The last time Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn appeared together was January 2005. People have asked me if this is a good or bad influence. Realistically, it is neither however, if you dislike early rising, this spectacular alignment may be a challenge to see. But, I can guarantee, this impressive and awe-inspiring view is worth getting up for !

Connection, Community & Healing
Aquarian trends are further supported as Mercury and Venus enter Aquarius on February 13 and 16, respectively. Just in time for Valentine's Day, this planetary combination gives a boost to romance, friendship, and loving expression of true feelings.

Mercury and Venus will continue to facilitate communication, and positive exchange of information through the final week of February. After eight weeks of both Mercury and Venus in somber and serious Capricorn (December & January), these outgoing and social influences will lighten things up, get us moving, and bring people out of hibernation.

On February 19, Sun enters Pisces which is the third and final zodiac sign of the winter season. Shortly thereafter, a Full Moon illuminates the night sky on February 22. This Full Moon brings all issues having to do with healing to the forefront. This is not just physical healing, but healing that is holistic in nature.

The Full Moon chart shows Chiron, the wounded healer archetype, in opposition to Jupiter in Virgo, and together they activate the Lunar Nodes. While this may sound complicated to those of you who aren't students of astrology, this dynamic combination amplifies the messages of each planet, and is potentially game changing in the realms of health and healing.

First of all, Jupiter in Virgo is very supportive in finding and following through on the right therapeutic modality that is effective for the individual. More than likely, a variety of approaches may be needed. Jupiter expands the view, and opens the doorway to possibility.

In this case, if you are facing health challenges, and have been frustrated with your health care, it may be a positive move to take a better look around at options available. If you are satisfied with your health care providers, and feel they are on the right track, than by all means, this is a time to trust and embrace the opportunity to heal on very deep levels.

Rainbow Bridge
I have felt very connected to Chiron since its discovery in 1977. This small planet orbits between Saturn and Uranus, and has been called the “rainbow bridge” between individuality, and transcendent universal consciousness.

In mythology, Chiron was a centaur, those mythical creatures with a horse body and human torso. All centaurs are immortal, so when Chiron received a wound, he turned away from the raucous pursuits of his fellow centaurs, and devoted his existence to the discovery of healing modalities to alleviate his pain.

Does this myth sound familiar? There was a huge transition in the 1970's with the introduction of the Chiron archetype into the collective consciousness. Socially and culturally, we are now given permission to come out of denial and address deep-seated pain. Chiron addresses the full spectrum of potential imbalance on every level of our human experience (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Anyone strongly affected by the Chiron energy will not leave a stone unturned in their personal quest for healing, thus the burgeoning field of healers and healing arts that is available today. When I see Chiron prominent in an individual's chart, invariably I see someone with a keen interest and education in the holistic healing arts. In their own search for relief from pain, these individuals naturally embody the wounded healer archetype, and others look toward them for guidance and assistance.

Higher Levels of Healing
With this background, let's go back to Chiron's current transit through Pisces (2011 – 2018). Affecting the planetary consciousness, Chiron in Pisces presents a profound message of healing and hope through restoring one's connection to the more subtle and spiritual aspects of life.

In most cases, all healing comes through a combination of addressing practical and tangible matters while surrendering the outcome to a higher power. This especially comes into play when a condition is deemed hopeless by modern medical standards.

Earth is a temporary reality, and the physical body is a cloak for soul and spirit. Wounds can show up on many levels, but the ultimate wound is the ancient separation from Source that carries with it the heart's longing to return to the safe haven of unconditional love. In the laboratory of your life, keep a lookout for these themes. I encourage you to come to your own understanding as these planetary energies feed into the upcoming Solar Eclipse on March 8.

Contemplating Our Next Season of Growth
As February draws to a close, the Sun joins Neptune on the 28th. This is a dreamy, imaginary, ephemeral and luminous phase. As the planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune weaves a spell of otherworldly enchantment. You may find yourself easily slipping into meditation, contemplation and prayer. Artistry and creative activities also thrive when Neptune is prominent.

The final weeks of winter are propitious for purification. In modern civilization, it is so easy to lose touch with the natural flow of the seasonal cycle. Just a few generations ago, there would have been slim pickings by now as the cellar stores were used up, and people could only dream of relishing that juicy, fragrant produce from the garden to come.

There is plenty of room for dreaming in February, so allow room for the kind of rest that restores and nourishes your roots. This is a month to dig deep, tap into your inner reserves, and cultivate what is most meaningful and purposeful in the flow of your unique life expression.

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