What's UP: August 2014

Leo/Aquarius Full Moon
August 10 @ 2:09 p.m.

Virgo New Moon
August 25 @ 10:13 a.m.

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Planetary trends in recent months have not been smooth and easy. Many people are finding that the human tendency to coast along the path of least resistance no longer gives reliable and stable results.

Change of Terrain Can be an Adventure
Uranus and Pluto, the planets of sudden and chaotic change, have been at work in overthrowing familiar conditions, the bedrock of daily routine. In reality, Uranus and Pluto have been in stressful relationship since the summer of 2010, so these trends are not new.

However, the compelling need for change is surfacing, coming to a head, and demanding the real work of genuine transformation.

In this major shake up of established foundations, caution has been thrown to the wind. The unrelenting pressure of these planets is to evolve, overthrow limitations and act independently despite the consequences or hardships.

It is as though we have entered a new land, and the necessary adjustments to unfamiliar terrain may feel beyond the scope of one’s capacity. An attitude of curiosity, experimentation and gratitude can go a very long way in maintaining personal stability and positivity during chaotic and uncertain trends.

New Cultural Trends Emerge
Far beyond the rings of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto join Neptune in a trio of planets known for breaking the bondage of limited human perception. Known as transpersonal planets, their role is generational in nature, designed to dissolve social and cultural trends that have outlived their purpose.

When these outer planets activate in one’s personal life, it can be difficult to make sense of events from the human perspective. They urge us beyond myopic self-created answers to take in the view of a more transcendent reality.

I am giving you this additional background as during the month of August, all three transpersonal planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in retrograde motion. This means we get a break from the unrelenting pressure these planets represent. A break to recoup, establish a new normal, and find some equilibrium in shifting sands of time.

Surfing Waves for New Momentum in Life
Recently, I heard a phrase appropriate for these summer months, "You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." Every surfer knows the exhilaration of being on top of the wave and pointedly riding to its natural conclusion. And, as every surfer knows, it takes practice and patience, discipline and focus.

This is where the planetary energies of August come in, and the month begins with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Leo. While everyone prefers to ride the waves of life with agility, Leo gives that added touch of noble aplomb, grace and style.

Additionally, all personal planets are in direct motion. This provides a strong inclination to come back to one’s self in a strong, clear, confident stance. Ultimately, this can only enhance momentum and clarity as far as one’s personal direction.

Leo the Lion, easily bears the role of king/queen of their personal jungle, keenly aware of their domain of influence. The key phrase of Leo is "I will." We have all heard the old adage, "Where there is a will, there is a way."

August is the month to call upon one’s inner strength and conviction to move forward. At the same time, when hitting into waves of resistance, and circumstances do not appear to moving forward as one would anticipate or prefer, than it is time to drop all preferences, and evoke the greater good, the larger Divine Will.

Full “Supermoon” Calls for Compassion
The Full Moon on August 10 puts all the above into perspective. This is another Supermoon, known for its exceptionally strong magnetic pull on the terrestrial environment. A Supermoon occurs when the orbiting Moon is closest to the Earth.

Astronomically known as perigee/syzygy, the Moon’s proximity makes the tides stronger, waves more pronounced, and generally destabilizes the environment.

While Supermoons are known for their physical effects, they are also known for intensifying emotions, the watery world of desire and need. This lunation magnifies the contrast between the zodiac signs of Leo and Aquarius.

Leo likes to be in charge, and has the tendency to dominate on the stage of life. They make excellent leaders and managers, and generally show a warm interest in the people around them.

Aquarians know their own mind, and do not easily bend to the control of others. They tend to be cool, detached and indifferent to the wiles and persuasions of others. Thus, more than likely, we will see a fair amount of controversy, difference of opinion, and head butting during the month of August.

Honoring Own Style & Progress Important
This likely trend also intensifies as Mars and Saturn transit through Scorpio skies all month. Scorpio can be equally rigid in its approach and opinion. It is just a matter of style. The Leo energy wants openness and transparency, and outright display of power.

Scorpio is strategic, and secretly vies for power. Aquarius simply goes its own way, and typically doesn’t give others a chance to state their case.

Considering all these factors, the world stage attracts plenty of attention as various leaders come forward to lead their constituencies.

As August comes to a close, Mars and Saturn join in Scorpio on the 25th. This planetary combination can be quite challenging. Mars is the planet of action while Saturn is the planet of limitation. Together, they are the heavy workaholic planets, and may produce a lot of effort for little visible reward.

When these planets come together they can trigger deep despair, exhaustion, cynicism and unworthiness. When these obstacles arise, there is a tendency to buy into reality from a very limited and pessimistic point of view. If possible, it is best to take a break, release negativity and avoid depletion resources.

New Moon & Quality of Life Decisions
In addition to Mars joining Saturn on August 25, there is a Virgo New Moon on the same day. All these factors spell the end of summer fun, and point the way to a seasonal shift. As children return to school, and schedules once again become more structured, this New Moon may present decisions concerning the realities of work satisfaction and quality of life.

Virgo is the zodiac sign of work, service to others and health. At first glance, these matters may appear to be disconnected. However, upon further examination, the capacity to work and contribute is directly connected to one’s health and well-being.

This New Moon is an excellent time to set fitness and health goals. Virgo also gives the power of discernment, the ability to see what health habits are destructive and toxic. It is an auspicious time to initiate changes in improving your overall health and wellness.

Matters of the heart are prominent throughout August. First of all, each zodiac sign governs an area of the physical body. Leo, is ruled by the Sun, the heart of our solar system. Likewise the physical heart is aligned with Leo.

We have all heard the term lion-hearted, meaning courageous, brave and big hearted. At its very best, Leo is a magnanimous and distinguished leader of its tribe. However, we can see controllers in a variety of guises as they strut about the world stage without much heartfelt caring for others.

As a choice point, the contrast between self-centered domination and magnanimous dominion will be accentuated this month.

Emotions Always Ebb & Flow
Secondly, the planet Venus is very active throughout August. This is the planet of romantic love, affection, beauty and allure. What appears attractive and appealing at the beginning of August, may lose its allure as the month concludes.

There tends to be tremendous vacillation in attraction, temperament and desire which can lead to long term changes in the relationship arena. Also, with Mars and Saturn so prominent, very real life circumstances can delay and abort fulfillment of desire.

This is not to say that all relationships will meet with these challenges, but the month starts with high expectations and concludes with a more realistic down to earth approach.

Let’s go back to the surfing analogy. Remember those waves breaking upon the shore? Imagine the vast difference between being caught in an undertow, a victim of the wave, and the delight of surfing on top, a brave rider to the shore. While surfing takes practice and skill, ultimately there is strength in facing the wave head on and riding it to freedom.

August is a month to realistically appraise your skill level, and your capacity to surmount life’s challenges through perseverance, discipline and wisdom.

There are plenty of waves to ride. With one pointed focus, confidence and skill, may you surmount challenges, within and without, and surf with wild and free abandon in the moment at hand.

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