What's Up: August 2015

Leo New Moon
August 14 @ 10:53 a.m.
Virgo/Pisces Full Moon
August 29 @ 2:35 p.m.

Reconsidering Life Purpose
On an annual basis, August is typically a transitional month. The Sun in Leo encourages the lighter more playful side of life, reflecting the urge to take full advantage of warm summer days by getting away from it all in the great outdoors. As August unfolds, Virgo, the zodiac sign of work beckons us back to routine and the daily rhythm of the workaday world.

A sense of transition is furthered by Saturn in Scorpio entering a direct phase on August 2. From birth to death, Saturn marks the cycles of life, revealing the process and purpose of incarnation in human form. It’s deep pondering, focusing and contemplative energy can take us from myopic, self centered reality to Reality.

It is common to resist, and even deny, the lessons of Saturn. This planet of time, space and form removes what is no longer needed upon one’s life path, and brings in what is needed for growth and maturity.

Saturn has been in Scorpio since autumn 2012. These past years have taken most of us beneath the surface of life to dive deeply into the waters of personal empowerment, emotional attachments, sabotaging patterns and the unconscious side of life. In many cases, Saturn has revealed things that we didn’t want to see, or were unable to see until now.

We don’t always agree with Saturn. It tests us to remember and embody the true purpose of life beyond superficial struggles and distractions. Ultimately, Saturn always gets its way in this temporary world. Forms are born, grow and thrive, outlive their usefulness, deteriorate and dissolve back from whence they came. Saturn is the reality check planet, always taking us back to the bottom line.

Learning From & Wrapping Up the Past
The first week of August is an excellent time to reflect on how your perspective and life has changed since 2012. What have you had to release ? How have you deepened your perspective in regard to relationships, shared resources and power? Have you been able to delve deeply, surrender to what is, and discover the riches in Saturn’s trials and tribulations?

Saturn reminds us that time marches on, and collectively speaking, we are way past the uncertainty of 2012, and mid-way through the major adjustments and adaptations needed to thrive in the 21st century.

As Saturn enters a direct phase, each of us face the necessity and reality of completion. It may be time to call a truce and make a deal, coming to agreement even if it doesn’t feel as satisfactory and fulfilling as you would prefer. August is a month to handle real life details, and wrap up the past.

Whether this wrap up is tinged with reactivity, negativity and resistance, or experienced as a beautiful gift of learning grace through life’s challenges, is truly up to each individual. Saturn is the zodiac teacher of attitude, persistence, forbearance and constructively learning from life’s ups and downs.

Moving On Versus Settling For
Each of the planets are continually moving into and out of alignment with other planets. Astrologers call these alignments aspects. During the first week of August, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter orbit into aspect with Saturn, amplifying the potent reality check described above. In many cases, this energetic alignment will activate significant changes that require attention and adjustment for months to come.

These alignments are rare and have the potential to trigger specific conditions. While effects are dependent on each individual’s personal astrology chart, the overall gestalt can be summarized as the need to re-assess projected goals, evaluate circumstances, and trim away what is no longer vitalizing, enlivening and workable.

As Saturn tends to restrict and limit the flow, bring awareness to the areas of your life where the juiciness feels drained. Examine your sense of obligation in terms of time, finances and relationships, and be willing to release what has outlived its relevance.

The Leo New Moon on August 14 holds the promise of new beginnings. A New Moon is always optimal for turning over a new leaf, and setting intentions upon which to move forward. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony, activates this New Moon. Esoterically speaking, Venus is associated with the heart chakra, the center of peace, contentment and happiness.

Personal Expression & Relationship
As you may recall from my article last month, Venus is now retrograde (July 25 - September 6). These are weeks of re-evaluating self-expression, literally and figuratively. Venus tunes us into honesty and integrity; how to display it (adornment and decor), how to express it (affection and intimacy), and how to stand strong in one’s personal expression (ethics and morality).

On the outer level, you may find yourself upgrading your wardrobe, remodeling your home or beginning creative projects. On an inner level, you may experience clarity in terms of relating, and how you would like to give and receive love. Spiritually speaking, you may find yourself more in tune with your heart’s pure longing for Divine connection.

Another significant planetary shift occurs on August 11 as Jupiter completes its transit through Leo and enters Virgo terrain. Following Jupiter, the Sun enters Virgo on August 23. Additionally, Mercury is like quicksilver, transiting rapidly this month, spending a short time in Virgo (August 7 - 27).

As the month unfolds, more than likely, you may notice a palpable shift from the playful, romantic, creative and self-expressive side of Leo to the detailed oriented, studious, cautious and analytical zodiac sign of Virgo.

Since Jupiter will remain in Virgo for a good year, through to September 2016, let’s examine this influence and extract the potential of Jupiter’s beneficial gifts. First of all, Jupiter gives a boost of optimism, confidence, and even grace, to the areas of life being activated. As Virgo is the zodiac sign of work, service, health and healing, look for improvements in these areas beginning this month and continuing as the next 12 months unfold.

Good Health is Supported
At first glance, these areas may appear unrelated, but in order to serve productively, it is optimal for one’s health to be topnotch. Jupiter in Virgo will support the flow of positive energy between health care givers and those in need of services. It will enhance finding those people that can truly assist, and the discovery and implementation of remedies that effectively deliver the needed results.

If you are in need of employment, Jupiter in Virgo will enhance opportunity and working conditions. Overall, Jupiter in Virgo has the potential to improve many aspects of everyday life, especially those things we may take for granted until they are problematic.

By month’s end, a Full Moon illuminates the sky on August 29 with Sun in Virgo, and the Moon is in Pisces. The astrological chart for this lunation is very interesting as it accentuates the interplay between the logic and intuition. Inherent within this interplay is contradiction.

We have all experienced the tug of war between thinking our way through problems, and trusting in a heartfelt and spontaneous knowing. The heart actually has a deep and clear knowing which is available in the pause of stillness. Trusting and entering this access point supports listening to the inner voice of conscience and wisdom, in addition to the possibility of facilitating transcendence of the very problem itself.

Trusting Our Heart Instinct
The astrological dynamic of this Full Moon chart shows Sun and Jupiter joined in Virgo with the Moon in Pisces joining Neptune. This unique combination is supernatural in effect, but it can be disorienting and confusing in terms of practical matters.

Contemporary culture, driven by the media, tends to present the supernatural in the context of shadowy, overly dramatic, fearful and horrendous images. This presentation does a great disservice, and couldn’t be further from the truth as it masks and distorts the true gifts of the spiritual life.

Even though the subtle dimensions of life can seem otherworldly and extraordinary, these expanded states of awareness are quite natural and ordinary. In most cases, it is a simple, direct, immediate and physical experience of living without the distortion of preconceived, habitual and conditioned response.

It is primarily a feeling state of sensing and seeing the beauty and light within and through form. These apparently miraculous shifts in perspective happen to everyone. They are not to be feared or sensationalized. Even though they may come and go in an instant, they are sign points to an expanded reality.

Breakthroughs Eventually Happen!
Over recent months, we have witnessed many breakthroughs in diplomatic and humanitarian issues. For decades the U.S. and Cuba have been at odds, and currently channels of exchange are opening once again. Workable agreements with Iran appear to be underway. The Supreme Court decision on gay marriage is another major development.

These events, and other breakthroughs, give tangible evidence of the long-term trend of Uranus and Pluto beginning to wane. Since 2010, many advancements have stalled in a stalemate of conflict, indifference, indecision and controversy. With each side digging in their heels of righteousness and superiority, it has been challenging, if not impossible, to come to resolution.

The good news is, these planets have served well in wearing down opposition, developing viable solutions, and strengthening the causes of freedom and progress.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 35 years experience. She is available for personal consultations. A full listing of her services can be found on her site: astrodelight.com/services.html Phone her at: 828-215-2101 or email: belinda@astrodelight.com