What's Up! February 2015

Aquarius/Leo Full Moon
February 3 @ 6:09 pm
Mercury Direct
February 11 @ 9:57 am
Aquarius New Moon
February 18 @ 6:47 pm

Planetary trends for February collude and collide with deeply entrenched existing social trends. As our Sun and Mercury transit through Aquarian skies, progress depends on a radical departure from the past and a clean break with limiting patterns and structures.

Breaking Free from Old Beliefs
While most people can benefit from this swift kick in the pants, some extreme and reactionary factions of society may take this as an opportunity to instigate unruly and rebellious events.

As we look upon the world, several recent events point to Saturn entering Sagittarius in late December, where it will remain through 2017. Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of religion and philosophy, is all about belief.

It is common to take a belief for granted, but it is the bedrock upon which one’s entire life is built. What one person believes to be true is interlaced with whole groups of cultural perspective and preference.

Saturn in Sagittarius will insist on humanity taking a step back from old, often inherited, unconscious programming to see a bigger picture. Our rapidly expanding global society is poised for some wake up calls as survival, peace and progress depend on a synthesis of many different points of view, and a belief structure that is responsible, reasonable, grounded and practical for everyone.

The very nature of this challenge is to catapult consciousness to a higher octave of truth.

Freedom of Speech - For All
The pencil, a most basic tool of communication, became the symbol of freedom as people walked through the streets of Paris after extreme acts of terrorism. While comedians in the U.S. were poking fun at this simple, and perhaps outdated symbol, it is all about communication and freedom of speech.

Another sign of Saturn’s entrance into Sagittarius is the surprising withdrawal of "The Interview," from American movie theatres as a result of pressure from North Korea. More than likely, we will continue to see extreme events as the potent fuel of awakening in this era of rapid global communication.

As Saturn in Sagittarius will be resonating throughout our global society for several years, it is helpful to realize the high and low side of this very influential zodiac energy.

The high side of Sagittarius is a genuine reaching into higher truth for wisdom and attunement to the overarching plan of Creation. Problems and challenges come through interpretation tinged with personal opinion, force and righteousness. History is built on the common adage, "Might makes right." But, the majority of people no longer tolerate forced righteousness.

We Are Wiser Together
A big planetary player this month is Mercury’s transit through Aquarius. Due to its retrograde phase, we begin 2015 with Mercury spending a full ten weeks in this important zodiac sign (January 4 - March 12). Aquarius is the zodiac teacher of collective social consciousness, and humanity’s potential for working together in concert to solve world problems.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, the themes of freedom, equality, community, synergy and synchronicity come to the forefront. Mercury in Aquarius goes direct on February 11, thus the introspective quality of deep winter will begin to find its way into outward expression once again. If you are being drawn to get out and about through social contribution, this is a green light to begin moving forward.

Another interesting factor emphasizing Aquarian themes has to do with the lunar cycle. On January 20 there was an Aquarian New Moon culminating in a Full Moon on February 3. Then on February 18, there is another New Moon in Aquarius within three minutes of the Sun entering the next zodiac sign of Pisces. This is a lot of emphasis on Aquarius!

Authenticity Within Community
While Aquarius represents the field of potentiality generating our collective experience, Aquarius has profound implications on the individual level. One of the most basic needs is to feel a sense of belonging, and the zodiac energy of Aquarius is about being unique, true to self and dancing to the beat of your own drum.

Historically, the tribe, culture and family of origin defined one’s life path. Today, the drive to belong takes us beyond the confines of home and hearth into the larger society. Most of us can relate to the intense and extreme feelings of belonging or not belonging, feeling accepted or different. Connection to those around us is a prime motivating force of human nature.

Finding and cultivating one’s tribe and community of fellow travellers upon the path of life is a significant goal driving individuals and society as a whole during this transition into a new age. February is the month to go beyond the comfort zone of what is familiar, and reach out to discover friendship.

Valentines Day is not just for romantic love; it speaks to the basic need for friendly interaction with those beyond the scope of the immediate home environment.

Pisces and Awakening to Higher Purpose
Factoring into the planetary trends for February is the zodiac sign of Pisces. Throughout 2015, Chiron and Neptune continue transiting through this spiritually potent sign. However, during the first three weeks of February, Venus and Mars also transit through Pisces. Additionally, the Sun is in Pisces for the concluding ten days of the month.

As the final zodiac sign of winter, Pisces speaks to the spiritual quality of dissolution, surrender and release. Pisces drives us to the core of purpose, and levels the playing field. In reality, every being is challenged to discover their purpose for living and the purpose of life itself.

There are no easy answers except to let go and cultivate faith in a higher purpose that is so often beyond human analytical understanding. Pisces relates to immediate and direct experience of transcendental states of consciousness.

Neptune in Pisces gives us permission to even go there, while Chiron in Pisces speaks to the core wound of separation from the Source of unconditional love. It is a beautiful combination with great potential for the enormous spiritual awakening that so many of us see and sense.

Ships of Destiny Move Us Along
Finally, we are in the home stretch of an on-going alignment of two major planetary players, Uranus and Pluto. After several years of uncertainty and upheaval, and a full six contacts, on March 15 the seventh alignment of Uranus and Pluto perfects in this dance of evolutionary giants.

Clearly, we will be feeling the approach of this major turning point all month as both planets are in direct motion and feeding off each other as they build to the Spring Equinox.

Turning the ship of destiny around is no small task, but Uranus and Pluto are up to the job. This combination serves to overthrow and uproot anything standing in the way of self actualization, being true to self and true to Self with a capital S.

Inwardly and outwardly, there has been tremendous tension as many structures have outlived their purpose and humanity is challenged to update and renovate core principles as well as basic foundations.
This has affected people in a multitude of different and unique ways.

But, the bottom line is a necessity to break free from constrictions to be more aligned with Source and one’s personal destiny - free and unencumbered from past programming and baggage.

It has been a major cleansing as unexpected events have triggered deep release on the subconscious level, spilling over into physical conditions, leaving most of us with a surprising instinct for what is real and true and meaningful.

Presence Versus Programmed Behavior
As substance and circumstances breakdown and lose relevance, an aura of confusion and uncertainty can be felt. I was always a big planner, but no more. It is one day at a time as the flow is rapidly evolving. The most important thing is the essence of one’s intention and commitment to be present and show up.

As I was preparing this article, the words came, "marching orders." At first, I didn’t like either word. I wanted to throw them out, marching sounds so militaristic, and no one likes to be ordered around. However, as I contemplated these words, I discovered that I was holding a pattern of uncertainty, not necessarily knowing how to proceed, and this has been true for most of my clients.

While these are strong words, perhaps a good dose of clarity from Source is just what is needed to begin taking action; to begin moving forward in the light and freedom of all that has been released.

No doubt, action is the answer – action that is guided from within. It is the perfect antidote to the complexity of these times.

February is the month to listen closely to Source within, stay attentive to synchronicity, and be willing to receive personal guidance and direction as the Divine Plan unfolds for each and every being.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 35 years experience. She is available for personal consultations. A full listing of her services can be found on her site: astrodelight.com/services.html or phone her at: 828-215-2101.