What's Up - July 2016

Cancer New Moon
July 4 @ 7:01 am

Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon
July 19 @ 6:56 pm

Just as individuals have a personal astrology chart, this is true for countries, and on July 4th, the United States of America celebrates 240 years of union. Embodying the ideals of democracy, historic monuments shimmer and glimmer in the sunrise as the light of a New Moon initiates a new cycle for days, weeks and months to come.

New beginnings are always poignant and auspicious. In this case, four profound signs of new beginning come together. It’s an election year, on the country's birthday, a New Moon is rising at dawn in Washington D.C. Could this be a chance to redefine direction and adjust course? According to astrology, this is exactly what is happening.

Time For An Upgrade
This coming year is a chance to upgrade the founding principles in light of experience, historical perspective, and hopefully, wisdom. On this the majority of Americans agree, the necessity for reform is urgent.

Clearly, “land of the free, home of the brave” is posed for significant changes. In honor of the many freedoms we enjoy in the United States, I would like to take the liberty to include the astrology for the U.S. in my monthly forecast for the next five months, up to the presidential election on November 9.

Astrology speaks in the language of symbols and archetypes. While there can be a variety of interpretations, the symbols never lie or distort the truth. Since the 1970's, I have been observing and keeping track of the planetary trends in the U.S. astrology chart.

We can think of a country's chart as an umbrella under which all citizens are sheltered, and influenced by the overall destiny of the nation. It can be very helpful to stand back, objectify what may be intensely emotional and controversial, and characterize a nation through astrological symbols.

USA Astrology Chart Re-cap
First of all, the nation was birthed at the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, and most astrologers agree on a time of 5:10 pm. Sun was in the zodiac sign of Cancer along with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. The country's identity is defined by this zodiac sign represented by the Crab. The nature of the crab is to defend, hide and protect. Living by the seashore, crabs instinctively and quickly scurry to safety when threatened.

A few of the key words for Cancer are home, land, security. Ring a bell? It's obvious how this core identity has been expressed since 9/11. Other themes revolve around borders, privacy, control and secrecy. As the zodiac sign of family, the country has a tendency to play parent to the world, and this leads to many misunderstandings between nations. Roles can shift in a moment as the age-old dynamic of victim, villain and hero plays itself out on the world stage.

Within our borders as well as globally, many people look to government as an all-giving, beneficial parent figure that will assuage all woes. Meanwhile, others see the potential dark side of leadership as heavy handed, dominating, self-serving and controlling. Realistically, the destiny of the nation has both positive and negative expressions, and it's important to stay alert to the misuse of power.

The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which tends to be conservative and cautious, keeping a vigilant eye on bottom line matters. However, it's fascinating to note the Moon is in Aquarius on July 4, 1776.

Exciting & Challenging Times
Thus, on an emotional level the country was founded on Aquarian themes of freedom, self-reliance, revolution and independence. The late 1770's were exciting times in terms of scientific discovery, the industrial revolution, and many humanitarian advances that continue to unfold to this day.

Aquarian values thrive in an atmosphere of creative freedom whereby true genius and innovation can be expressed in a multitude of ways. This is a strength that must never be undermined.

These values really came into focus during the planetary conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in the mid-1960's. Still reverberating through the airwaves to this day, musicians such as John Lennon helped galvanize the original Aquarius themes of revolution, innovation, imagination, and “power to the people.”

The Cancerian and Aquarian characteristics can be challenging to blend and harmonize. On one hand, the protective parent is doing everything for the “good” of the child, according to their standards, and possibly not taking into consideration the child's unique, and deeply personal evolutionary participation.

On the other hand, the child may be a rebellious teenager chafing against discipline and restraint, insisting on plenty of freedom to find its way, which may or may not be constructive to the whole.

There is a tendency to impose images of parental authority on leaders, but the very foundation of democracy places an emphasis on informed and participatory citizenship – all as equals. The key is finding the fine line between authority imposed from external conditions (rules, laws and regulations), and personal accountability, responsibility and respectability.

On a global level, this is one of the most significant themes up for renovation. Freedom comes with a price, and can only be embodied fully with an appreciation and respect for the rights of others.

As the New Moon on July 4 initiates a new pace for the country, the urgency for reform and new beginnings intensifies. There are many threads of ideology running throughout this election. There are many perspectives in addressing fundamental issues, but most agree the system is broken, and it's time to get serious. How can we change the system with the most kindness and support for all? Uncertainty and instability prevails.

The chart for the United States clearly shows where the issues are most intense. It all boils down to economics. The country has Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house of money, possessions and resources. This is a very persuasive, obsessive, controlling and powerful combination that cannot be ignored or taken lightly. From the country's inception, the issues were already present.

The first immigrants were primarily of European ancestry. They saw a land rich with opportunity and abundant resources. They longed to break free from restraint, and establish a sovereign country for religious and philosophical purposes.

They had a few advantages over native tribes. First and foremost, they had guns - along with a belief system based on the right to ownership (including people), and the right to use might, these immigrants established the foundation for a new country. We may question, based on 240 years of history, how much has changed in this original intent?

Revisiting 1776 Pluto
Consider this, Pluto has a 248-year orbit. Within the next decade, Pluto will come one full cycle, and transit back to its exact position in 1776. This is BIG. The conclusion of one cycle, and the beginning of another, always stimulates a phase of reckoning, and the necessity to re-evaluate priorities.

In this case, over the centuries, Pluto in Capricorn has brought massive wealth and power to the U.S. and its allies. The zodiac sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma.

One of the lowest expressions of Capricorn is the greedy, arrogant and self-centered miser. The spiritual expression of Capricorn is the disciple, keenly aware of life's larger purpose, living from a place of generosity and gratitude.

It's the difference between sliding down the slippery slope of self-aggrandizement or climbing the mountain of stewardship. The country faces a steep climb ahead, but Pluto in Capricorn will continue to apply pressure, providing that extra push of persistence and determination.

The pressure has been mounting since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. There is great urgency to address large economic issues that include national debt, trade agreements, banking institutions, government entitlement programs and more.

These issues are putting a tremendous strain on the overall economy, and contributing to the apparent dissolution of financial security for many Americans. However, Pluto evokes major transformation, a complete overhaul. This is what we are in for over the next decade, an evolutionary upgrade of global proportions.

We’re In it Together – Globally
The Republican convention begins on July 18, and it just so happens, the Full Moon on July 19 exactly activates the U.S. Pluto. More than likely, it's gonna be messy. Pluto is not an easy bedfellow, tossing and turning, pulling the covers, making trouble and inciting violence.

Astrological trends imply there is purpose in these unsettling and dramatic developments. Pluto is about exposing the undercurrents. Truth is surfacing despite the ranting and raving, dissent and controversy.

Timing for the Democratic convention is equally enlightening. Uranus is a major planetary influence the entire week as it prepares to station retrograde on July 29th. This is the wild card of planets, hard to predict, and always surprising.

Aligned with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, and stimulating the emotional tenor the country (Moon in Aquarius), the primary energies tend to be egalitarian, open minded and progressive.
So what do the planetary influences mean for the common citizen, the drivers of the economic engine, the “worker bees?”

The U.S. Moon in Aquarius has always been about the grassroots power of committed individuals coming together, standing in solidarity, truth and integrity. Living the ideals of democracy is no easy task. But, the founding principles have spread around the globe as ideals to be exemplified.

In order to successfully navigate rapid change in an increasingly global society, no nation can exist within a bubble of isolation. For example, the ripples from Brexit (Britian exiting the European Union) will continue to reverberate far and wide.

It is fascinating to note the astrological influences on June 23, the Sun was in Cancer and the Moon in Aquarius on voting day. Once again, the themes of autonomy, independence and freedom are being played out within the context of homeland, security and borders.

Beyond the Parent – Child Paradigm
Yes, we are in a very messy state of development, but the core ideals remain the same. Is the next president going to solve all the problems? Probably not. The Aquarian Age is dawning, and it is not about identifying with a parent figure that will seemingly take care of everything, but finding that inner voice of integrity and conscience.

The problems may be less about government and governing as it is about the heart of humanity - coming together.

While researching material for this edition of “What's UP,” I decided to take a tea break. As I was pouring creamer into my cup, the words on the container jumped out at me, “grown with love in the USA.”

My heart took a leap of recognition, reminding me, Venus and Jupiter were joined in the zodiac sign of Cancer on July 4, 1776. Known as the great benefics, these planets together bestow abundance and good fortune as well as goodwill, kindness and generosity.

May we realize and share this good fortune throughout July, and never lose sight of these blessings.

Belinda C. Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 35 years experience. She is available for your personal consultation. Email: belinda@astrodelight.com Phone: 828-215-2101