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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

What's UP: February 2013

with Astrologer
Belinda Dunn

Chinese New Year/Aquarius New Moon
February 10 @ 2:20 a.m.

Saturn Retrograde
February 18 @ 12:02 p.m.

Mercury Retrograde
February 23 @ 4:41 a.m.

Pisces/Virgo Full Moon
February 25 @ 3:26 p.m.

February begins with an extraordinary alignment of four planets. Setting the pace for several months, Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Neptune join influences, providing an essential boost to the shift at hand.

In reflection on 2012 and the Mayan calendar end date, researcher Carl Calleman has this to say, "The nature of a true paradigm shift is that its manifestations cannot be fully predicted beforehand and thus to some extent will be surprising. If not, then the shift would not be a true paradigm shift. " He goes on to say that most of us are in the process of revising notions about reality.

Higher Perspective Emerging
Like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, we are waking up and realizing we aren’t in Kansas any longer. The metaphorical tornados of 2012 picked us up, landing us on new terrain. Many matters in daily life don’t make sense at the moment. For the time being, a nebulous, fluidity has taken over our sense of direction, beckoning humanity toward a higher perspective. Solutions to current problems remain elusive without a turning to Source, and shifting gears into supernatural knowing. At least this "fact," appears to be clear.

I know, I know! This may sound like more airy-fairy metaphysical yearnings from your local astrologer. But . . . check out the first week of February, and be ready to believe! I love astrology, because it grounds our senses while dispelling the confusion of mental musings and programming.

Basically, the planet Neptune entered Pisces last year, and it is totally on purpose to feel a little confused and disoriented – it opens us to new possibilities. We went from black and white Kansas farm fields to techni-color Oz in one short year. Neptune will remain in Pisces through 2025, so the adjustment will take some time.

OK, so what does Neptune in Pisces mean? Revolving in the distant reaches of our solar system, Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the Sun. Therefore, Neptune is a generational influence, affecting whole groups of incarnating souls across the globe.

Resisting Temptations to Resistance
Neptune is a very subtle influence. Most of the time, it is denied, ignored and shoved to the side. Neptune is associated with addiction and all diseases of denial. However, when it is activated and strong, it can be quite striking and difficult to handle simply because it plays havoc with our sense of direction, emotional stability and reality.

Together with Chiron, Neptune has been hanging out in the shadows for months now, but during the first week of February, Mercury and Mars cross over these sensitive points. Later in the month, February 21 - 27, the Sun’s illumination activates these planetary positions.

An appropriate analogy for February may be similar to taking a small boat across high seas, losing one’s compass as clouds obscure the night sky. There is nowhere to turn except for an internal sense of direction, pray for guidance and pray for a miracle.

Opening to New Structures of Support
One of the major differences between the planetary dynamics of 2012 and 2013 is a harmonious interface between Saturn and Pluto. Transiting in mutual reception, together they offer the mutual support of a stable, grounding influence despite pressing trends for release and change. Thus, we will continue to see solutions emerge even if situations remain tentative.

For example, the real estate market has lost tremendous value in recent years, but some mortgage companies are offering refinancing that takes this into consideration. On February 18, Saturn enters a retrograde phase furthering the notion of patience as foundations are renovated and strengthened.

Obviously, these extraordinary and unusual alignments are not easy. They aren’t easy precisely for one reason that can be easily resolved. What is the answer?

The current planetary patterns spell out an unpopular and generally unspoken truth of our existence on planet Earth. Namely, this dimension is temporary. It is not for us to take up permanent residence here. More often than not, life presents circumstances of suffering as the strong medicine and bitter pill of awakening.

Now, here is the shift. When this basic reality is accepted, it opens doors of perception, not with our brain, but with our heart. It opens expansive vistas of Divine Purpose, the refined feelings of sublime peace, compassion, love and care.

Whether we choose the stark word of "surrender" to describe this Neptune process, or the gentler word of "allowing," it all points to loosening a grip on perceived reality. Releasing the burden of expectation that we place on ourselves, others and circumstances can create space and freedom for the genuine to emerge. This is the pivot point. Difficult and painful when resisting. Easy, and even joyful, once you get the hang of it.

Getting up to Speed & Trust
These planetary energies of transition continue through to the Spring Equinox on March 20, providing a unique blend of perfect situations and circumstances for each person during these final stages of winter.

Recently, my dear friend Bodie McCoy, originator of "Oracle of the Heart," compared our current situation to a race car whose engine has to be balanced before it can handle high speeds. He says, "It is necessary to reconfigure mind sets and lift to higher levels, just to cope with current demands."

Now, this brings our discussion to Mercury retrograde starting February 23 and continuing through March 17 (just in time for Spring Equinox). Additionally, Mercury transits through Pisces skies for an extended period of time, February 6 through April 13.

Poets, lovers, writers, artists and mystics will love this phase as it stimulates creativity, and inspiration flows from more subtle dimensions of existence. However, from an earthy, practical standpoint, faith, intuition and trust hold the keys for peace of mind.

Mercury Intensifies Passion, Impatience
The Full Moon on February 25 brings all matters to a head. Not only does Mercury turn retrograde a few days before, but Mars adds a dose of intensity, impulsiveness and unpredictability.

Mercury joins Mars exactly on February 8 and 26 (put a day on either side of these exact days). These are days to be especially aware of rash words, fevers, accidents and other combustive conditions. People may act out of character, and react emotionally to situations that have been brewing for weeks.

On one hand, there is a flood of new information surging to the surface of consciousness, and this can take some getting used to. On the other hand, there is a tendency to jump to conclusions and default to cynicism and negativity.

Be prepared to hear a lot more about frequency, energy medicine and other approaches to holistic healing that can be difficult to wrap our minds around. In fact, Neptune in Pisces is dissolving mental boundaries of time and space, history and belief. Matters that have defied resolution can benefit from the unseen forces of this major alignment in Pisces. This is the month to go back to the drawing board, not with previous agendas and old fears, but with fresh perspective.

Opening to our Unique Contribution
These days, especially in metaphysical circles, we hear a lot about manifestation, and certainly new manifestations are needed on almost level of our current collective and personal experience. I hear many stories of struggle and lack in the areas of employment, housing, finances, health and relationship.

There are many techniques for manifestation all the way from mantra, affirmation, visualization, elixirs and gem stones. These are all tools, and as such do not provide a bottom line answer.

Current planetary alignments open a direct connection to guidance whereby your unique role in the larger plan can be clarified. Once this is understood, embraced and accepted, than tools can give an extraordinary boost.

For decades astrologers have been analyzing and calculating a beginning point for the new age, the Age of Aquarius. The signs all point to NOW! After hearing President Obama’s Inauguration speech, I have no doubt that humanity is fully and firmly on the cusp, albeit the bare beginnings of the Aquarian Age.

The hallmark of Aquarius is equality. The President’s words laid bare the ideal of equal rights for women in employment, gay/lesbian rights in partnership, racial equality, and humanitarian rights in affordable healthcare.

Dawning of Co-creativity
The President emphasized the words, "We, the people . . . " over and over again. Aquarius is the zodiac sign of synchronized community involvement, whereby each individual participates in the overall advancement of the whole based on their unique contribution. Believe it or not, but the Aquarian Age is predicted to be the age of enlightenment as humanity discovers how to function at full capacity within the grace of total human design.

I am reminded of all the progress made since last February. A group of my friends traveled across the globe to participate in a meditation retreat that was scheduled on Chinese New Year 2012. The instructor emphasized the conclusion of a spiritual winter, millions of years of darkness for the human race with the bare beginning of spiritual spring emerging during the transitional year of 2012. My friends came home speaking of this spiritual spring when the lotus of each human heart begins to bloom within the rays of Divine Love.

Here we are . . . Chinese New Year is February 10, and humanity can leave the projected fears and drama of 2012 predictions behind. Chinese New Year always begins on a New Moon of Aquarius, and now the entire world population is up to speed with 2013.

Even though it may feel like we are lost out at sea without a compass, it’s time to turn this ship around. Who can imagine what we can build together in partnership with our most loving and beneficent Creator that is always giving us the best, if we only have eyes to see, ears to hear, arms to hug, and hands to share.

Belinda C. Dunn offers personal consultation, workshops and classes. Her training started in 1972 at the Temple of Kriya Yoga/Chicago where she studied astrology, metaphysics and yoga. Over the years, her approach has evolved to a psychological, spiritual and personal growth orientation. For decades her insightful and down-to-earth consultations have been shared with clients around the world. Seen in a variety of publications, Belinda’s monthly astrological update has been in circulation since 1992. See her website: for articles and a full listing of her consultation services - Phone: 828-215-2101