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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

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What's Up: November 2013

with Astrologer
Belinda Dunn

Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse
November 3 @ 7:50 a.m.
Mercury Direct
November 10 @ 4:12 p.m.
Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon
November 17 @ 10:16 a.m.

We have all heard the common adage, "between a rock and a hard place." This phrase came to mind as I contemplated the planetary energies for November. This is so particularly with the Scorpio Eclipse on November 3.

Phrase Finder, an internet site, gives further understanding in stating, "the dilemma of being in a position where one is faced with two equally unwelcome options appears to lie deep in the human psyche." How is this unsatisfactory and frustrating dilemma clarified and resolved?

Scorpio Eclipse
Here is where we dive directly into Scorpio waters, at times murky and confusing, at times purifying and sustaining. From an astrological perspective, this Solar Eclipse is unique in that it engages numerous planets in its mysterious dance.

Gazing at the chart, I see almost all of the planets in close alignment to the Sun and Moon at 11 degrees of Scorpio. Psychologically speaking, this eclipse initiates an integration process of many diverse factors within the psyche, factors that may have felt at odds with one another or one’s conscious mind.

It may be tempting to just focus on outer life circumstances, and witness contradictory circumstances with no real solution. The mind may say one thing, while instinct says another. The emotions may reveal unresolved hurts, while the heart reveals a deeper truth. It can feel like being pulled in many directions, scattered thin, at odds with the world and perhaps oneself.

For many, this eclipse can stimulate a deep surrender and release opening a portal to real solutions.

One of the current and key astrological patterns that bears looking into involves the dynamic between the zodiac players of Scorpio and Aries. While Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn transit Scorpio skies, Uranus in Aries continues its unrelenting push for freedom. This is a little or a lot stressful.

Promoting Both Individual & Group Benefit
Uranus in Aries is all about personal freedom that, in many cases, can be translated into selfish motives, absorption in individual rights to the detriment of the whole, and numerous other types of misconstrued and corrupted attempts at autonomy.

In fact, the more that individuals and groups attempt to force and control freedom, the less freedom is available. But, the definition and boundaries of freedom are confusing, both in our national life as well as personal dilemmas.

As I have stated in recent articles, some people need to become more individualized and self reliant, while others need to back off and be less controlling and dominating. It is never black and white, but in ever changing flux of shades of grey. A reliable constant lies in the realization that no one truly knows where freedom begins or where freedom ends.

The zodiac signs of Scorpio and Aries are co-ruled by the heavy hitters Mars and Pluto. Scorpio is all about covert, hidden power while Aries tends to engage with up front, in your face, overt power plays. The eclipse can serve to reveal the ego’s antics by dispelling a mass myopic tendency to buy into illusion and stay locked in the chains of self-absorption, and lack of sensitivity to the struggles of others.

This eclipse has the potential of major awakening on many levels of our collective and personal experience. In order for this to happen, in order to push aside the rock and a hard place and jump out to freedom and safety, it is a matter of engaging the potential of Scorpio gifts which are frank discernment, realistic appraisal, and honest self-reflection.

Scorpio is the most intense and passionate zodiac teacher. After all, the key phrase is "I desire." Desire takes many forms, all the way from life sustaining to life denying. It keeps us alive and kicking, fully engaged, procreative and expressively creative. And, of course, unexamined and habitual desire keeps humanity chained to addiction, on the constant lookout for the next quick fix. While the Scorpian stinger is known to lash out at others, it is, by far, more brutally damaging to self and the potential for a fully lived life.

New Moon, New Beginnings
As a Solar Eclipse is also a New Moon this is an excellent time for turning inward, setting aside agendas, turning off technology and sitting with one’s soul and spirit. Truly, this eclipse marks the beginning stages of retreat, a natural part of the seasonal cycle of autumn and approaching winter.

Additionally, Daylight Savings Time concludes on November 3, so many factors combine to shift awareness away from concrete outer matters and into the vast reaches of inner space. It can feel a little wobbly at first, like getting one’s sea legs on a long journey.

Considering that November begins with Mercury in retrograde, there may be a slow start as numerous situations call for contemplation and careful diplomacy to move forward into resolution. Mercury in Scorpio stimulates an astute scouring of the mind to come up with viable alternatives.

Even under pressure, if at all possible, hold off major decisions until mid-month. It doesn’t always feel comfortable to stew in it, but comprehensive and positive solutions are found in the pause of a Mercury retrograde phase. As Mercury joins Saturn for the third and final time on November 25, this final week provides extra incentive to be realistic and long range in one’s vision and implementation of goals as a result of patience and strategic planning.

A Productive Month
Several other planetary factors combine to make November a very productive month. First of all, Mars in Virgo enhances diligence, discipline, sensibility and methodical attention to detail. A real push to complete projects by year’s end is met with the practical skills to do so.

Additionally, on November 5, Venus enters Capricorn, the most industrious, capable and serious zodiac sign. Due to a retrograde phase, Venus will remain in Capricorn throughout the winter, and it is helpful to be on the lookout for direction coming into view this month. More on this next month . . . .

A distinct shift of mood and ambiance occurs when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21. The Archer, light hearted, philosophical, festive and humorous, aims the arrow upward, away from mundane concerns, upward toward a larger and greater purpose.

While November presents numerous snares and challenges, by Thanksgiving there is a sense of having escaped Scorpio’s deadening grip. Out of darkness, another potent Scorpio symbol ascends as the mythical Phoenix arises from its own ashes.

It may not be obvious, or fully grasped, but collectively, Phoenix is rising. It is up to each of us to embrace the potential and rise to the occasion with full gratitude for this amazing journey called life on planet Earth.

Belinda C. Dunn offers personal consultation, workshops and classes. Her training started in 1972 at the Temple of Kriya Yoga/Chicago where she studied astrology, metaphysics and yoga. Over the years, her approach has evolved to a psychological, spiritual and personal growth orientation. For decades her insightful and down-to-earth consultations have been shared with clients around the world. Seen in a variety of publications, Belinda’s monthly astrological update has been in circulation since 1992. See her website: for articles and a full listing of her consultation services - Phone: 828-215-2101