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Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer, trained at The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and has more than 35 years experience. See her bio and contact info at the end of this column.

What's Up: July 2013

with Astrologer
Belinda Dunn

Cancer New Moon
July 8 @ 314 a.m.

Mercury Direct
July 20 @ 2:22 p.m.

Leo/Aquarius Full Moon
July 22 @ 2:16 p.m.

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July begins with communication and decisions in back tracking mode. This phenomenon, known as Mercury retrograde, is commonly a time for reviewing all plans, researching possibilities, completing projects and allowing the truth of any matter to surface. This phase is known for its frustrations and breakdown in communication, so attitude adjustments can go a long way in mitigating potential problems.

Basically, mental functions are internalized and perhaps distracted. It is a time to proceed cautiously with any major decision, however this necessary pause serves to provide clarity in laying a foundation for months to come. When Mercury goes direct on July 20, resistance and confusion dissolves, and decisiveness carries projects into active mode as July concludes.

Saturn Clears the Decks
Another major planetary factor is Saturn’s return to direct motion on July 8 at 1:12 a.m. Saturn entered a retrograde phase last February 18. When this planet of consequence and karma is in retrograde, life can feel like walking into a strong headwind. It takes more effort to get traction, produce results and get the job done.

Long-term conditions that have lost their relevancy tend to falter and fall apart during Saturn retrograde. Saturn takes out of our lives what we no longer need, but this process is not always welcome. Saturn matures and grows each individual to admit faults and failings in the process of coming to terms with reality on this dimension

Unknown or Hidden is Revealed
Saturn is currently transiting through Scorpio skies (2012 - 2015). Just like a scorpion scuttling around in the darkness, Scorpio’s domain is everything dark and hidden, shadowy and secret. Therefore, it is no surprise to astrologers that significant issues around secrecy and privacy are surfacing into the public domain. The debate on these topics is just beginning, and those who have things to hide are put on guard/notice.

Scorpio also rules over all things sexual as couples can no longer deny the inner workings of relationship and the importance of emotional and physical compatibility. Nothing can hide from Saturn in Scorpio’s scrutiny, and emotions can surface intensely and dramatically.

Issues around shared resources, money of the partnership, wills, insurance and legacies, are up for examination and renewal. Money and sexuality are integrally linked in the balance of power in many relationships, and July is a month when these matters come into focus.

Promise of Renewal
The final transition of death and the occult sciences also come under Scorpio’s power of transformation. These times are bringing the entire planetary community face to face with the choice of life and death, and the potential for rebirth. The clock is ticking away for humanity on planet Earth.

At the heart of occultism is the ancient, secret art of alchemy. While this is known as the process of turning base metal into gold, the dictionary defines alchemy as "the power or process of transforming something common into something special; an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting."

The potential of Saturn in Scorpio is to expose the ego’s subterfuge, and expose the bare bones of reality. In reality, this is a temporary dimension, and liberation from the karmic cycle is dependent on choosing high vibrational frequencies. This is not a choice that can be left up to the moment of transition, but a choice that comes naturally moment by moment when one’s consciousness is steadied in the lighter, finer frequencies of love and light. This is not something abstract and difficult to attain, but given freely and available whenever the human heart opens and chooses forgiveness, positivity and kindness.

New Moon, New Beginnings
Monday, July 8th, the day when Saturn in Scorpio goes direct, is also a New Moon. The combination of these major influences signifies a new beginning in the areas of home, location, family and relationships. It is helpful to affirm that the past is forgiven and forgotten, it is time to move forward within new structure.

This includes one’s inner psychological home, the sensual world of perception, emotion and intuition. Along with Saturn, this New Moon sets the stage for emotional purging, and supports renewal of intention and integrity. This is also an excellent week for decisive clutter clearing and otherwise lightening one’s load on many levels.

Uranus Gets the Show on the Road
The next week of July 15-20 is equally dynamic and dramatic. Not only is Mercury going direct by week’s end, but Uranus is a prominent planetary influence. Uranus is the wild card, and anything goes by mid-month.

Anticipate sudden reversals of plans and intentions. Unforeseen obstacles can appear out of nowhere. All of a sudden the light dawns, and previous decisions and actions may appear miscalculated, but overall this week’s planetary energies serve to break the grid lock and get the show on the road.

Opportunities to Adapt & Evolve
There are two major, rare and unique, planetary patterns activating this month. One pattern is a Grand Trine bestowing opportunities of harmony, intuition, balance and healing. Laying low, going with the flow, allowing things to be and receiving guidance provide access to this opportunity. Spending time in nature and quiet contemplation is complimentary and supportive of this planetary pattern.

The other pattern, known as a T-square, is part of the on-going challenge of necessity to evolve and adapt to current realities on this earthly plane. I have written extensively on Uranus and Pluto and their engagement for a number of years, 2011 - 2015. Many people find themselves consumed by the intensity of circumstances. Problems can appear big and insurmountable, out of control, like being swept along in a tsunami or a wild roller coaster ride. Some days to be especially alert are: July 20 - 22 and 26 - 31.

Full Moon Passion & Perspective
July 22 is a significant day as Mars joins Jupiter in addition to a Full Moon. Both of these influences are strong and energizing. On one hand, the energy is available to accomplish a great deal. On the other hand, there is a tendency to overdo, perhaps overspend and over commit. Bottom line, there is a lot going on and it is a matter of keeping balance and perspective.

In a recent presentation at Crystal Visions, I shared an overview of summer’s themes: Where/how to promote safety and stability within the limits of structure. Major break down and dismantling of systems is part of the evolutionary trend, so it is a matter of adjusting to long-term solutions. Resistance only intensifies the process. Tension can build to a point when dramatic, sudden, perhaps shocking events, occur to free things up.

These times insist on tenacious courage and trust in the face of forces that threaten security, peace and safety. The image of David and Goliath come to mind. It can feel overwhelming, but potential solutions do not abide in the turmoil, but emerge from a new level of consciousness.

You may have heard the popular quote from Einstein, "You can never solve a problem on the level it was created."

When push comes to shove, humanity has repeatedly arisen from the ashes of potential demise, renewed and responsive, adaptable and victorious. There is a bigger plan at work here, a Divine Plan. The twists and turns and struggles of daily life serve to illuminate the dawn of a new era. It is happening, and every being is an integral part of this awakening. Discover your place and find your freedom. Enjoy!

Belinda C. Dunn offers personal consultation, workshops and classes. Her training started in 1972 at the Temple of Kriya Yoga/Chicago where she studied astrology, metaphysics and yoga. Over the years, her approach has evolved to a psychological, spiritual and personal growth orientation. For decades her insightful and down-to-earth consultations have been shared with clients around the world. Seen in a variety of publications, Belinda’s monthly astrological update has been in circulation since 1992. See her website: for articles and a full listing of her consultation services - Phone: 828-215-2101