Death of a friend, Birth of Renewal: Solstice 2012

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For many months, people have talked about a big shift occurring on 12-21-2012. Since that date, some have expressed letdown. Shift is happening, however. Rather than being an outside force rescuing us from ourselves, I think it is an inner shift. For me, anyway, it’s an inner shift in favor of allowing inner guidance and sense of deep, heart-felt purpose more fully direct my life.

Yes, outer shifts have happened, and some have been very challenging. On Monday, November 19, my good friend, daily companion and housemate died suddenly of heart failure. It was totally unexpected since he seemed in good health, was a Qi Kung master and 56 years young. We talked just 45 minutes before when he called, as I began my (almost) daily 3-mile hike.

There’s nothing like the death of a loved one to shake one’s sense of reality. I faced my complacency about life, complacency I didn’t know I had. The depth of feelings brought important values and priorities to the forefront, like a storm washing treasures upon a shore. My dedication to doing my part to facilitate the highest expression of this human experiment, our human potential, flooded my being.

While there is too much to say about what has transpired since, I can say this: Everything is in divine timing. Instead of feeling angst for accomplishing less than what I have dreamed, I know that the goals I have sought and the visions I have dreamed now finally are ready to be realized. It is time for me to give the fullest of my medicine - that which I have spent decades brewing. And this includes having fun doing it. It also includes tuning within, ever more lovingly, for further treasures in this adventure of being. May this year, our first post-2012, be our best yet!!!