Private Room may be Available in Our Shared House

Join Lotus Lodge - our unique shared-house, "un-intentional community" of 8 adult men and women (about half each), ages 20-60s, in a 2-story of farm house that was converted to a triplex (yes 3 separate kitchens, dining rooms & immediate shared space, and 4 bathrooms - all under one roof). Private rooms become vacant for long-term rental from time to time. Please email us if interested (see below).

Residents generally are high-functioning, progressive, creative and health-conscious adults - some meditate and/or do Qi Kong stretching regularly, some lean toward vegan or being vegetarian while most do eat some meat & dairy. We tend to be more educated yet all are down-to-earth, friendly, supportive of each other's uniqueness, are tidy and respectful of space, and enjoy good conversation and laughter. Currently everyone is age 40+.

***Link to a 3.5min video of Lotus Lodge "Golden Girls" that aired on CBS in 2011.
Also see the story I wrote about our experience of that below. What fun!*** Note, we are NOT all women or seniors!

Rent for long-term (10 months or more) is $470/mo or $500/mo (depends upon room) plus a share of utilities ($40/month on average). Access to high-speed, wireless Internet is included. The downstairs gathering room is available to everyone and primarily used for movie nights, house concerts, potlucks, etc. One of the rooms is available Oct. 1, 2017.

All rooms are sunny (with 2-3 windows), are furnished (with bed, dresser and desk), though you are welcome to bring your favorite items. Bathrooms are shared, typically with just 1 other person. With our different schedules, it's usually quite easy. We live in a semi-rural area, enjoy the back patio or large front porch, and have a fire pit and organic gardens with rain barrels - yet are just 12-15 minutes from the heart of downtown Asheville - in Candler.

Why "un-intentional community?" While we collaborate on many things, such as gardening and intermittent meals together, we rarely do meetings and instead enjoy a good measure of ease and autonomy. Everyone has their own cupboard and refrigerator space, and determines when they'd like to connect with others. Anyone can initiate a group gathering at any time, and on average there may be 5-6/month with most everyone attending. Spontaneous meal times and/or conversations frequently happen among 2-4 people. It's really the best of both worlds. We enjoy privacy and autonomy plus easy socializing and sense of community.

This is a special place - founded in 2004 with the specific intention to create a unique collaborative space where people can explore their own priorities and engage their next chapter in life. Residents co-create a shared living environment they call home, and often stay for years. If you are a flexible, confident, intelligent, good-natured person who likes to be around some great folks and also have plenty of privacy, this might be for you. Also, we are creating plans for those who want to stay and "age in community" here, with cooperative ownership.

NOTE: If interested, please EMAIL a REQUEST for our short questionnaire (send to gayatri dot erlandson at gmail). Once we receive it filled out, we'll call you within a day or so. No pets, smokers, heavy drinkers or those who use illegal drugs please.

If you don't get a response to the request within a day, please email again, as sometimes they get lost! Thank you and namaste! Gaya