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Imagine ...

Imagine yourself on holiday at the conference center of your dreams, solely devoted to your personal well-being and transformation, and ultimately that of the planet. You freely and intuitively move around with anticipation of being inspired, surprised and stretched as you encounter new ideas, new people, and new ways of being and doing in the world.

Enjoy exploring amazing new possibilities for living the new paradigm, with other interesting people, and have a wonderful adventure! [Please see Vision & Purpose]

Adding Comments
Unfortunately, people kept posting links to their products or porn on this site, so we had to disable the ability to comment. Perhaps someone out there who knows Drupal software can help us with this! Here are the guidelines, however, on posting comments - which I intend you'll be able to do again!

Once you create an account (free), you can post comments! Please have them relevant to the story or article you are commenting about. Also, please have your comments generally to be in agreement with and to expand what was written, writing along similar lines, up to 500 words in length. Consider your commentary as a brainstorming session, tell how the story or article inspired you and benefits your life. This is practicing the wise counsel that we focus only on that which enlivens and blesses us. Imagine how it would be if we all did this in every aspect of our lives!

You might also consider submitting your own full story Writer's Guidelines.
This you still can do!

Writing a Full Story or Article

To submit a full story or article, please click here: Writer's Guidelines.

Forums or Juicy Conversations:
Again - until something changes, the ability to make comments has been disabled.

Our forum section is there to have ‘Juicy Conversations’ about ideas, practices and issues that are important to you personally. Feel free to weave in and out of the conversations that are most interesting. You can experience the range from being a silent observer to being a catalyst for action, by starting a new conversation or adding something inspiring to one already happening. Rather than a bulletin board or a place to advertise, this is where you can pose an intriguing idea or question and cocreate ‘juicy conversations’ with others of like mind and heart.

Click here to start or contribute to a Juicy Conversation forum discussion.

Feel free to contact us with any questions Contact us or email directly to:
gayatri dot erlandson at gmail dot com to be sure we get it!

Thank you again for your interest in Living NewStories, LLC!