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Bright Idea: Fall Equinox Ritual

The following is inspired by, and partly excerpted from, the work of Machaelle Small Wright. When she refers to her garden, it is the focus of her life and her business—Perelandra Institute. She has a general direction and purpose for her garden, which is the focal point for her working relationship with Nature. This has allowed her to become a very conscious collaborator and cocreator. I highly recommend her work.

Prior to the Equinox, if you are interested in collaborating more consciously with Nature, all you need is your own focal point around which you and Nature can establish a working relationship. It could be your business, garden, a plant or project. Having a focal point of some kind allows you to keep the relationship active, and this will be essential for the dynamic exchange of information, lessons and ideas you seek. You can do the following:

Anytime Prior to the Equinox

  1. Be centered and go outside if possible.
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Interview with Dorothy Maclean

What would happen if we let go of everything and committed totally to living according to inner guidance? How do we prepare for such a thing?....

Dorothy Maclean and Peter Caddy studied with a spiritual teacher who for years assisted in connecting with the Divine. Then one day, the teacher challenged them to expand their connection by letting go of their jobs and “find out what Spirit wants” them to do.

This is a story about Dorothy Maclean who, along with Peter and Eileen Caddy, traveled around the United Kingdom during the 1950s, meditated daily asking for guidance, and followed subtle promptings. From this practice, Eileen began to hear clearly ‘that still, small voice’ within, and later Dorothy could communicate clearly with Nature realms.

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Cocreating with Nature

My first exposure to cocreative gardening came in the early 1980s when I read The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation by W. I. Thompson. I didn’t understand it at first; my imagination was filled with visions of fairies, elves and all sorts of magical creatures hiding in the woods and pastures …

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