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Morning Musings - July, 2013

Morning Musings

Many of you know my good friend Raphael Peter (former partner and co-publisher of Spirit in the Smokies Magazine for 12 years) who now lives in Virginia. He emailed asking what I am up to. As I replied, I realized how passionate I am about this catalyzing community thing. To me, this work is the culmination of everything I’ve done so far in this life and it represents no less than our collective next step in consciousness. So, if you have the time, here’s what I wrote - rather like Spirit in the Smokies days!

“Dear Raphael,
I understand Bonnie not wanting to move out of her nice big home there, or move away from her grandkids to be in an “intentional” community. Very few want to move, or can afford to. The point is, she and all of us can have community right where we live.

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Hometown Politics

On the day that Barack Obama announced Joseph Biden as his running mate, I couldn't wait to call my 81-year-old grandmother. Why? Because my grandparents moved to Wilmington, DE, shortly before I was born, and I spent much of my childhood there.

So when hometown favorite, Biden, was put on the Democratic ticket, I knew it was a big deal. And it is—especially for Delawareans who refer to him as 'Joe B,' instead of the more formal 'Senator Biden.' My grandmother told me that there were signs everywhere, in all the stores, exclaiming "Joe B for VP!"

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It's All Timing & Letting Go

Last year when I promised that this site would be up by the end of August at the latest, I really believed it. Soon after that announcement, however, the third web designer I hired apparently went on vacation. I hired additional help. Problem was, he didn’t know the software platform being used at the time.…

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