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Astrology for Barack Obama

Many astrologers, our own Belinda Dunn included, were very excited when Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s campaign released his birth information (complete with birth time for accurate natal charts—August 4, 1961, 7:24 pm, Honolulu, HI). As anyone who has had their own chart done, it is not all that surprising to find that Obama’s astrological profile validates what many already believe about him.

Barack Obama’s Natal Astrology Chart

While the Sun Sign is the most obvious element, it is not always the most important. This holds true in Obama’s case. So instead of discussing his Leo Sun, below are highlights from his chart that may influence whether he will become our next president.

Aquarius Rising

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Hometown Politics

On the day that Barack Obama announced Joseph Biden as his running mate, I couldn't wait to call my 81-year-old grandmother. Why? Because my grandparents moved to Wilmington, DE, shortly before I was born, and I spent much of my childhood there.

So when hometown favorite, Biden, was put on the Democratic ticket, I knew it was a big deal. And it is—especially for Delawareans who refer to him as 'Joe B,' instead of the more formal 'Senator Biden.' My grandmother told me that there were signs everywhere, in all the stores, exclaiming "Joe B for VP!"

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