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Living Well Community & Care Home

Living Well Community & Care Home

From the outside, Living Well Care Home looks like a regular older home in the neighborhood. Even walking in, you’d never know it is a holistic, 15-room, Level III, residential care and assisted living facility for elders.

Located in Bristol, Vermont since 2004, Living Well emphasizes organic nutrition, whole life care and sustainability. They are the first nonprofit health care facility in the country to use Dynamic Governance (DG), a style of management based on co-creative input from all levels of the organization – including residents.

In just four years, they started receiving national and international recognition.

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LOA & Manifesting My Perfect Job

Tell us about real experiences you’ve had with this LOA you say. I have many but I’ll tell you one. When I found my self job-hunting a few years ago, I knew I had the summer to create one. And getting it was against all odds.

I would go into a daydream repeatedly that was spontaneous. You see I didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted, but the daydream revealed it to me. I didn’t go into daydream with a plan to focus on the library. Rather, I let myself go to a place that I loved and did what seemed natural and pleasurable to do.

Daydream Revelations
Soon I found myself mentally roaming the stacks of my local library. From then on it was easy to fantasize. I lived that scene repeatedly all summer. I knew I couldn’t have worked at that library until I was working at the library. That’s what I did for 3 months – play at being a librarian in my mind.

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