Purpose & Vision

Vision and Purpose
(Definition, Direction and Purpose—DDP)

  1. Ultimate purpose is to facilitate actually LIVING the new paradigm of Oneness in concert with Nature and Divine Imagination, such that high levels of joy, Soul purpose and sustainable human potential are realized.

  2. Experience-based wisdom is featured. People share how they and their lives are transforming to reflect the new paradigm, in first-person narrative style. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a story is worth 1,000 pictures. Real-life stories engage the imagination of possibility, inspire and encourage real-life changes.

  3. Everyone is a teacher and student. We all are pioneers—learning, discovering and cocreating new ways of being—and stories of transformation are welcomed from everyone. We teach best by how we live, and we learn by inspiration.

  4. All content is of practical significance—information, resources, classes, inspiration, various tips and tools for transformation—and meant to be applied. This is part of the reason we request that people share personally, even in articles of information.

  5. Quality Process. Interaction among members is to be positive and as personal as possible. Going beyond discussions of who or what is ‘right,’ people are encouraged to applaud, support and expand on the writings of others, as in a cocreative heart and brain-storming session. Thus, this site is an enriched environment designed for you to EXPERIENCE serendipity and cocreative Oneness—recognized aspects of the new paradigm.

  6. A User Profile Directory provides the opportunity for members to connect with others on profoundly purposeful levels. We excitedly expect new partnerships, businesses and projects to emerge, which ground new ways of doing and being in the world—transformations that were unimaginable before.

  7. Future Direction. We intend to expand our online effort to include an on-land community and conference center - a communiversity, where quality content (retreats, classes, conferences, events, broadcasts, etc.), quality process (communication), a beautiful facility and magical setting all conspire to extend the benefit of this website.

  8. Prosperity. That prosperity consciousness and related living be raised to abundant levels for all involved.

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