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When faced with all the choices in life, how do we know which best serves our highest good and greatest joy? One very reliable technique I use is called Directions.

Standing somewhere, inside or out, I will mentally “place” each of my choices in a different location. For example, I may stand in a corner and declare that the wall to my left is choice A and the wall to my right is choice B.

Then, while facing neither direction, I’ll take a few moments to get neutral and centered while holding the intention of discerning accurately. When clear, I’ll turn to one wall and silently ask, “What does this direction offer me?” I then accept and allow whatever impressions occur.

Subtle Energy is Valuable Information

First, when facing the location of a particular choice, I notice the general energy. If there is none or very little, or it feels like a brick wall or somehow repellant, I would conclude that the choice holds very little for me. If there is considerable energy, I notice it’s quality, size and location. If it is something I’ve thought about but really isn’t a great overall choice, I might feel the energy near my head (often on the right side) and not much toward my feet.

I also look for any sense of movement and/or images. I recall one time asking whether a certain job would be good for me and then having the sense of a freight train coming in from my back right and running over me. That was a choice I had thought I should take but didn’t really desire. Sometimes I’ll have a faint sense of music, and will notice whether it’s harmonious or discordant.

When I turn to the direction of a really beneficial choice, typically there is a feeling of relief and expansion, of opening or freedom which seems to embrace my whole body, particularly my middle area––often with a pleasant undulating rhythm, like a heartbeat. I feel drawn to this energy, as if I could easily step into that direction in my life. I might even have a sense of leaning toward it.

Practice for Life

Doing this exercise has helped me develop my intuitive abilities, which I believe are simply sensing subtle energies. When deciding whom to approach at a gathering or whether to change lanes while driving, tuning into subtle energies always steers me in the right direction.

With small decisions, like whether to call someone now, I’ll just pause a moment and will know. If I get a yes, invariably the timing is just right. Sometimes I go counter to my intuitive knowing because I let some compelling internal conversation convince me otherwise. Invariably I wish I hadn’t, but I always learn something.

In these times of change, I believe that learning how to make beneficial decisions is more important than leaning on rules and “good” information. A neighbor recently told me that rather than telling her young daughter not to talk with strangers, she instructed her to tune into gut feelings and develop her intuition. Now, 20 years later, she feels this training has saved her daughter’s life.

For me, this intuitive attunement is a way of life, and while I may not be able to explain a decision I make to someone else, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

1) ‘Place’ 2-3 choices in different directions.
2) Face each and notice energy, movement and images.
3) Trust. If you feel no energy, or a block or slightly repellant, avoid. If expansive, a relief and welcoming, approach.
4) Practice for life––greatly enhances right action and right timing.

Gayatri Erlandson, PhD, is managing editor of this site.

Choosing your highest good

How do you evaluate the energy in people? What is good or bad energy from them?

Its all about having

Its all about having direction and having a plan. You are so right about this. You have to lay out a plan and go with it. This will definitely make life easier.

I must say that Gayatri has

I must say that Gayatri has done a great thing by providing us with utmost knowledge about as to what is to be done when we are faced with choices and that too very complicated ones in our life. Let me tell you this, if you are a human being it is sure and certain that we will face issues and problems in our life and it is when these situations occur, that we need to take a stand and take a choice. For that, yes…directions are the key.