Bright Idea: Fall Equinox Ritual

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The following is inspired by, and partly excerpted from, the work of Machaelle Small Wright. When she refers to her garden, it is the focus of her life and her business—Perelandra Institute. She has a general direction and purpose for her garden, which is the focal point for her working relationship with Nature. This has allowed her to become a very conscious collaborator and cocreator. I highly recommend her work.

Prior to the Equinox, if you are interested in collaborating more consciously with Nature, all you need is your own focal point around which you and Nature can establish a working relationship. It could be your business, garden, a plant or project. Having a focal point of some kind allows you to keep the relationship active, and this will be essential for the dynamic exchange of information, lessons and ideas you seek. You can do the following:

Anytime Prior to the Equinox

  1. Be centered and go outside if possible.
  2. Direct your attention to Nature—nature intelligence.
  3. Being clear, precise and simple, Say aloud: “I would like to be formally linked with the devic realm.” Wait just a few seconds. You may feel sensations like a wave of energy gently wash over you. Ask: “Am I now connected?” (Then verify/test your connection with this level using kinesiology.) Once you get over the shock of feeling a powerful and positive test result, go on to step 4.
  4. Say aloud: “I would now like to be formally linked with the nature spirit level.” Again wait a few seconds, then ask: “Am I connected?” (test.) You'll get another powerful positive result.
  5. Spend a moment recognizing that you have just opened the phone lines to a new and expanded level. This is a significant time for you, and I doubt if you'll want to let it pass lightly. I suggest that you just sit quietly.
  6. Now that you have their attention—and they probably have yours—it's time to declare the intent of your partnership. Simply say aloud: “I now request that we work in a co-creative partnership in the soil-less garden known as ‘Living NewStories’ (stating the name of your own project or business) and that I be connected to all the nature intelligences involved.” To verify that you have been heard, ask: “Is this declaration accepted?” (Test. You'll get another yes.)
  7. To close down a session, say aloud: “I request that this session be closed.” This takes about 10 seconds. To verify, ask: “Is the session is now closed?” and test it.

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Fall Equinox—In Nature, this is the new year, the day that begins the next year's cycle. It is the day when the call goes out for the new cycle to activate and begin its formation processes on the deepest of energy levels.

At Perelandra, at the precise moment of the fall equinox I, as creator of this garden, initiate the call by saying aloud, "I request the next cycle and wish to assist its full unfolding." For this, I usually make a small gesture—such as lighting a candle. It's only an option.

When I say precise moment, I mean the precise time on the day the equinox or solstice occurs. There is a strong release and surge of dynamic energy within the forces of Nature at this precise time that is above and beyond the energy of the day itself.

Personal Cycle Included

I have incorporated another dimension into this little ceremony, and that has to do with my personal cycle. Each year at the time of the Fall Equinox, I also call in the next step in my own evolutionary process. I make the commitment to receive and act on that cycle, and I activate this commitment by consciously including it in the ceremony.

It is also important to point out that I do not predetermine or speculate on either the garden's direction or my own at the time of the fall equinox. For both, I clearly put out the call for 'whatever is to be' and I leave it at that. I'll say, "I call in my next person cycle."

For many people, this is hard to do. They want to speculate about what's coming for them. Personally, I never speculate about my future. I haven't the vaguest idea what's in store. If I did, it would probably scare the bejeesus out of me anyway. I don't want my will to be the guiding force in this. I want to do what I am to do—for both me and the garden.

It is at the Winter Solstice that more specificity is generated, based on insights and inspirations from Nature.

For further information about the work of Machaelle Small Wright and the Perelandra Institute, see Perelandra .

The stories here are pretty

The stories here are pretty interesting and these reveal someones imaginations and their experiences in life.

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I never liked the whole notion of impermanence. I couldn’t believe that the Tibetan Monks who, after a week of devotedly creating a sand mandala (while sitting, hunched over on the floor), would eventually smoosh all the colors together and pour the sand into the nearby Bolin Creek. What was the point? All that beauty gone.

Pretty good stuff indeed.

Pretty good stuff indeed. Thanx.