Morning Musings - July, 2013

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Morning Musings

Many of you know my good friend Raphael Peter (former partner and co-publisher of Spirit in the Smokies Magazine for 12 years) who now lives in Virginia. He emailed asking what I am up to. As I replied, I realized how passionate I am about this catalyzing community thing. To me, this work is the culmination of everything I’ve done so far in this life and it represents no less than our collective next step in consciousness. So, if you have the time, here’s what I wrote - rather like Spirit in the Smokies days!

“Dear Raphael,
I understand Bonnie not wanting to move out of her nice big home there, or move away from her grandkids to be in an “intentional” community. Very few want to move, or can afford to. The point is, she and all of us can have community right where we live.

I'm interested in a revolution in lifestyle, so we can all raise our kids/grandkids more effectively as well as care for the elders - and the earth. To include the masses means we need to use existing housing stock and build on all the relationships and neighborhood assets that are already in place, and we have the benefit of multigenerational input.

Once catalyzed into a caring, collaborative community, people of all ages can decide on how to improve their lives. Together, we can accomplish so much more. We can share more, have more and buy less (cars, tools, musical instruments, art supplies, big toys like boats, playground equipment, etc.).

We can grow abundant community gardens, create local compost and recycling centers, and build community centers to house: multigenerational mentoring and leadership programs, classes, book clubs and other meetings, theater productions, celebrations, create books & businesses, etc.

Together we can more effectively raise kids, enjoy life-long learning and “age in place,” and we can establish buyers clubs to get group rates on things like utilities, solar equipment, home maintenance, health care and even pay for medical or assisted living (concierge) services when the time comes.

Make sense? Plus, the more we "live locally," the more we support local economic abundance - by hiring and buying locally, and the less we commute or pollute.

Now that I've come to the realization of this kind of “intentional” community, I can hardly believe I didn't think of it before. What I needed was to find out about ABCD, and of course would add other things I've taught and studied before, starting with Dynamic Governance. The ABCD work begins the shift in consciousness needed - from the individualistic "I'll do it myself" (or "I have to do/own it myself") to caring, multigenerational collaboration. Dynamic Governance anchors this shift - all via pragmatically addressing our most immediate needs (including needing to be connected), and desires of every day life.

Perhaps it’s about timing. I do think that people in the usual "intentional" communities (cohousing etc.) could benefit a LOT from this kind of work …. Thanks for asking!”