Bright Idea - 8 Tools for Allowing Higher Vibrations

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  1. Breathe.
  2. See the love behind our (and any other person’s) anger or angst. Focus on and energize this. From a higher vibration, clarity of action comes – especially when we ask for high guidance.
  3. Visualize a positive outcome. Simply visualize everyone involved smiling at the end of the ordeal, feeling connected, relieved and happy. If appropriate, see people hugging – in tearful, loving embraces. Perhaps see a celebration. Place this in future time, after the challenge has been met, and let the resolving unfold, as it will. Allow the highest to prevail. See it, feel it, know it.
  4. Remind yourself that whether the issue is big as in global or very personal, there is some divine perfection to it all – even if invisible to us. Human drama is the stuff of evolution and maturity as human beings. As above, so below.
  5. Remind yourself too that our bigger job has to do with Self-awareness, of uniting Spirit with matter, beyond just fixing the immediate problem. The more we bring higher awareness to our lives, our Self awareness, and take inspired action, the more we evolve consciousness.
  6. Reframe the old story to generate a new story, one that incorporates the above – especially #s 5 & 6.
  7. Take only inspired action – especially for more important outcomes. Often this higher guidance is surprising. It’s our egos that like predictability. Our lives are meant to be great, spiritual adventures.
  8. Feel your feelings – the full range, including the negative. Feel them fully, literally going into where they reside in your body. A part of you may be surprised that you don’t die. Feeling our feelings fully is shining our light into these compressed energy patterns. Experience how this process dispels the pain body and allows energy to flow. This is love and well-being flowing.

Thanks for your 8 tips very

Thanks for your 8 tips very much!