Doubt, Transformation and the Law of Attraction

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For years I seemed to have been impeded in my use of the Law of Attraction (LOA), by my strong doubt of it. I must have read 500 books on this subject (if you count the re-readings). I also attended workshops, watched videos, and listened to tapes and CD’s. I spent much time talking this over with friends. I also attempted repeatedly to enter a conscious dream so I could bring about change in my life.

Did it work? Yes and no. I often despaired of getting results which often came to me in disguise. Then occasionally I would hit a home run. The solid life-changers appeared after I had made sufficient internal adjustments to receive them. However, doubt often prevailed. I didn’t know what I was allowed to manifest, often afraid of offending God. Surely there was more to this than met my eyes.

Doubt Fueled My Growth
There have been times when I would get it all together and my creating flowed like a living dream. These also were those back-against-the-wall, “go for it” times. I would waffle back and forth between knowing and not knowing. I grew up thinking that the God “out there” did all the creating. I might create a casserole, but that was about it. It was hard to let myself believe in a system that turned this thinking inside out.

More recently I’ve come to realize that my doubt has really served me all these years. It has made me find my own answers and get the resulting satisfaction of achievement.

I see an analogy in science. There was a day where folks didn’t know about gravity. In other words, they were ignorant of the law. Then Newton came along and put an end to their ignorance. I imagine that was hard for them at first. To add further insult, Einstein refined that understanding so now we see gravity may not even be a force so much as a dip in space-time.

I now see that what I perceived as doubt about the LOA was actually growth. The current brand of LOA being taught is only an outgrowth of earlier ideas. Gravity attracts us to the ground. Wrongdoing attracts consequences (wrath, take your pick.) These are both really ideas about laws of attraction. I came to see that doubt is actually part of the process to move through as I learn new ways of thinking and being that are truly mine.

Vivid Imagination
The current understanding of LOA is that we attract that which we think and feel from. Have you ever sat on the front of a boat that is either being propelled by a motor or paddled swiftly? My memory of this is vivid. I feel the breeze on my face, the smell of the water, the splash on my skin, the swooshing sound and the sensation of movement that makes me feel like I’m flying.

These are all tools for vivid imagination in the service of the law of attraction. Why would I need to do all that to create? Partly because it makes a representation for the mind to focus on and partly because I really do need to grow reality as I want to experience it. So if I want to go for a boat ride, I can attract that experience by focusing on these sensations.

Merely thinking about a boat ride is not nearly as helpful as living in our consciousness the desired thing, in as many senses as we can conjure up, in present tense. This may well be the beginning of a new scientific adventure. I know that it has worked many times in my life. But I stress beginning, for LOA may be a nascent form of a much broader idea of law, and on and on.

Self Realization
We may look like we are creating jobs and houses and cars and relationships, but to a higher level of being it might look like an aurora, and sound and feel like Brahms. Knowing how little I know makes me feel better about the world. Mine has been a sine wave process (you know, the little dippity-up, dippity-down.) The transformation is in the understanding of the process.

Spirituality is seeing the beauty in form as I out picture it, knowing that what may look weird today may blossom into a parade tomorrow. Ever thought about how sad the cello sounds? But to me it feels beautiful. See how magnificently wrought this thing of life is.

I could just suffer and sometimes I do, but now that I’ve had a taste of LOA, I never completely forget. Why be miserable and miss God (which is both within and beyond) at the same time? Learning to ride my sine wave while I’m getting awareness is part of the fun of being alive.

Violet Smith Violet Smith has been involved with the consciously creating community for many years. She has a great love of people, music, books, flowers and Spirit. Her greatest desire is for humanity to remember the highest use of their gift of creation, to know love and to share it. To that end she uses imagination in the tradition of Ernest Holmes and Neville Goddard. (And she works in a library that lends ukeleles.)

Doubt leads to transformation

Hi Violet,

I love how you make the point that your doubt has served you, that it caused you to question and then explore what a higher truth might be for you. And how powerful to focus on the Law of Attraction - rather, on our power and responsibility to learn the laws of Nature and thus creatively contribute to the positive unfolding of our world. I was wondering whether you could give us an example of your having manifested some positive outcome, showing us how you did it.


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First of all, I loved the

First of all, I loved the article. It is certainly inspiring and catchy! A person would certainly come out and take a look at this for sure, whether if he is free or when he is faced with problems and glitches. Anyway, what I would like to say right now is that law of attraction is certainly something very interesting. If you ask me, attraction first starts with confidence. Believing in yourself and all what you can do!