Paving the Way

The universe was trying to tell me something. But all I heard was noise–the commotion that was coming from across the street. My neighbor was demolishing his driveway. He was breaking old pavement into pieces with a jackhammer; I could feel the vibration in every room of my house.

There was no escaping the sound of reconstruction. No matter where I went, it followed me. Leaving home was not an option. My husband had taken our only car to run errands.

This was not the quiet Saturday I had planned. I couldn’t read my book or write in my journal. I couldn’t meditate or take a peaceful walk around the block. All I could do was take aspirin and pray for the noise to stop.

The project continued for hours; the noise was relentless. At one point my head was pounding, so I sat on the basement stairs, closed my eyes and made myself breathe. While I was covering my ears with my hands, thoughts surfaced out of nowhere. Maybe I’m hearing this noise for a reason.

Close to Home
Maybe the universe is sending me a message. Maybe I need to view this situation in a different way. Moments later, my husband walked through the door. “Wow,” he said. “Doesn’t it sound like that jackhammer is in our backyard?”

His words went straight to my soul. But the noise prevented me from knowing why.It wasn’t until the next morning that I understood why my husband’s words had touched me so deeply.

In quiet, I studied the scene across the street. Suddenly, I became aware of what hours and hours of jackhammering had accomplished. My heart went out to my neighbor. It was amazing to me that he had performed such a challenging chore on his own. Large pieces of pavement were lined up by the side of the road; the old driveway was gone. All that remained was a deep indentation.

In that moment, chills raced up my spine. Something shifted inside me; my perception changed. I was looking at what used to be a driveway. But I saw something else, something more. I saw all the hard work I had done in order to heal myself–a glimpse of my own reflection.

Blocks Removed
The blocks of pavement that had been carried to the road represented challenges I had overcome: anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, self-defeating thoughts and self-destructive behavior–blocks that had prevented me from knowing inner peace and happiness.

The broken foundation that had been removed was symbolic of the negative belief system I had released–one that was based in lack and no longer served me. The deep hole was a reminder that the past was gone; yellow tape warned me not to go there.

The next day the cement mixer came. I watched as a group of men helped my neighbor fill the deep depression. Hours later I was looking at a new driveway, as if the old one had never existed.

Admiring the transformation, I silently thanked Spirit for the metaphor–for dramatically depicting all the “reconstruction work” I had done on myself–all the changes I had made in the name of love. Yes, I was looking out my living room window; but I was also gazing into a mirror.

Robin Leigh Vella is an internationally known spiritual healer, channel and transformation guide, who teaches self-empowerment through spiritual awareness. Her upcoming book “Silent Voices of the Soul”is scheduled for release next spring. Robin offers private spiritual counseling sessions by phone. For details: (585)224-9448

Robin Leigh Vella
Rochester, NY

nice story

nice story