Tech Tip #1 - Online Forums

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About Online Forums

Online forums—also known as discussion groups, bulletin boards or online networks—are fantastic places to talk with others interested in the same things in which you are interested, to share and find resources, or to just learn about a particular subject or demographic. These groups provide places to get suggestions and feedback, ask questions, tell stories, test ideas or just observe conversations by others.

Online forums are basically an on-going discussion that is not in real time, meaning you might post a question and then check back on the site (at a later time) to see who has answered it or continued the thread of the conversation.

If you want to experiment with online forums, take a look at Google Groups or Yahoo Groups. If you go to, you can type in a subject you’re interested in and see if there’s already a group that exists. For instance, you could search the topic “healthy eating” and find there are several online discussions happening. And if interested, you could write something into the thread of conversation or just read all the previous posts. Your level of involvement is up to you.

Forums on This Site

To take part in the Living NEWStories online forum, click on Juicy Conversations, where you’ll see POST NEW FORUM TOPIC. You can choose to start a new conversation by clicking that, or you can click on one of the topics that are already listed below and read and/or add to it. You decide. Whatever you choose, take the opportunity to make your voice heard, to tell your stories and to connect with like-minded people.

Being part of an online forum is a lot like going to a cocktail party where you only weave in and out of the conversations that are most interesting to you. You can experience the range from being the silent observer to being a catalyst for action.

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