Tech Tip #2: Bookmarks

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Bookmarks: Saving Your Favorite Websites

While online, you may notice there are certain websites that you tend to visit regularly, or ones that you want to remember. To return to one of these sites, you can either type the web address into your browser window every time, or you can save it as a bookmark. Bookmarks is a place on your browser where you can list your favorite sites or bookmarks, and then be able to click once on the one you want.

Bookmarks make it a whole lot easier to go back to sites you visit all the time—like amazon or your bank accounts. It's also great to be able to return to web addresses (also known as URLs) that you find and might want to revisit in the future. Just like its namesake, internet bookmarks remember your place for you.

Adding Bookmarks
Let's say you're on this site,, and you want to save it in your list of bookmarks. Every browser has this option, including the Google Toolbar. Look on your menu bar (the list across the top of the screen with File, Edit, Tools, etc.) for either 'bookmarks' or 'favorites.' Then select 'add,’ and the current web page you are on will be saved to your list.

The web address will be highlighted, which means you can shorten the name of your website/bookmark. Instead of, for example, simply type in LivingNEWStories. Now, whenever you want to revisit our website, you can click on Bookmarks (or Favorites) from the menu bar, and select the site from the drop-down options.

Organizing Bookmarks
If you save a lot of bookmarks, it's a good idea to keep your list organized in folders, each named for a different subject—such as art, health, recipes, politics, banks and so on. To create folders, click on the menu item (bookmarks or favorites) and select the 'organize' option. Then choose 'add folder' and type in the folder name. Then drag the appropriate bookmarks into the folder.

Once you begin to bookmark sites, you won't have to try and remember the site where you saw that great recipe or an article you wanted to read later. It's easy to do and will make using the web a remarkable resource.

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