The Miracle Rose

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Just five days before I was scheduled to leave for a month-long healing and seminar tour of Europe, my husband called from work and asked me to pick him up—he wasn’t feeling well.

I struggled not to panic as he described stroke-like symptoms of losing function in his hand and leg. 
I rushed out the door and within twenty minutes we were on our way to the emergency room. With one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on him, I calmed myself by going into a familiar healing state.

Enhancing Western Medicine
Once we were in the emergency room, an MRI test was quickly scheduled to scan his brain. The medical team asked Bill repeatedly if he was claustrophobic—the test involved a forty-minute wait in a narrow tube—and he said it wouldn’t be a problem. But once in the MRI, he panicked almost immediately and couldn’t go through with it.

Up to this point, we had both been very calm and adult in the face of our first serious health crisis, but for Bill, the MRI brought up the full, terrifying impact of living the rest of his life in decline with a serious health condition.

Normally a rock under pressure, he broke down in a way I had never seen before and he came very close to walking out of the emergency room. We were left alone together for a couple of hours to decide what to do.

I kept my hands on him, channeling healing energy as he agonized over the decision. At one point I felt a shift from the hot, physical healing energy that I associate with emergency care to a more refined vibration that I experience as Mother Mary energy. The visual image that comes to me with this energy is of Mother Mary and a fully opened, mandala-like rose.

Just as this energy and visual came to me, Bill opened his eyes and said, “I see a rose!” I explained to him that it was the Mary energy coming through. Shortly after that, Bill was calm enough to successfully complete the MRI, which did in fact, show that he’d had a small stroke.

The next day our close friends came to the hospital to visit and brought the gift of a miniature rose in a small vase. They didn’t know about our experience with the healing rose but their rose was exactly the color, shape, and full-blown bloom of the one we both had seen.

Their gift rose came from a very special rose bush that had all but died before being carefully nursed back to life by our friend Ravyn.

Bill named it the miracle rose and his recovery was equally miraculous. His stroke had occurred late on a Friday afternoon, and by Sunday he left the hospital with more than a 99-percent return of function. He was up and about on Monday, and by Tuesday he walked to work as usual.

Not only is he still able to perform as a professional musician, but he noticed a slight increase of function in the hand that was affected.

Bill was well enough that I was able to leave for Europe a few days later without concern. During the month I was away, the miracle rose experience continued for both of us.

Rose on the Road
While leading a seminar in Poland, I watched the group experience a particularly poignant moment when everyone lifted into healing simultaneously. An ordinary plaster statue of Mother Mary placed on a table behind me by the students seemed to add her comment by releasing a powerful scent of rose.

As students noticed the fragrance, they ran to the statue to watch tears running down her cheeks and onto the paper placed carefully beneath her to catch the precious, scented drops.

This was one of several, once ordinary now sacred, statues handled by a well-known Polish psychic surgeon who helped organize the seminar. His students, who made up the class, were familiar with and delighted by this miraculous phenomenon. I, however, was still skeptical.

Was I sure no one had slipped behind me to place a bit of oil on the Holy Mother? It wasn’t convinced until the next seminar when two of the crying statues were placed behind me where no one could gain access, and I again noticed waft after waft of rose scent. It was not a subtle “Did you smell that?” aroma, but a scent so heavy that it drove a few people to the windows for fresh air.

The scent recurred as though timed perfectly to the big moments of open-heartedness and high healing, so that I relaxed into the simple miracle of God showing Herself to us as we opened ourselves to Her. I was given one of the statues to take home with me.

Branching Out
Bill took the tiny rose in its vase home from the hospital and kept it. Three weeks later, while I was having these amazing experiences in Poland, he sent me a picture of his rose, still completely fresh and intact—pretty amazing to anyone who knows the usual shelf life of cut roses. As the bloom finally did wither, the stem grew roots, new leaves, and even budded anew. The miracle rose became a miracle rose bush, which we still have in our home.

Experiment: Your Miracle Rose

During this European trip, while I was doing private healing sessions, I often felt the presence of roses. With one individual in particular, I was guided to suggest to her that roses would be showing up in her life in miraculous ways, as a sign that something wonderful is afoot.

She said, “Yes! That has already been happening” and recounted beautiful stories of roses serendipitously showing up in connection with fortunate events.

As I write these words I, once again, feel the familiar Divine Mother energy and see the mandala rose of Her healing grace. With all my love, I send it forward in time to all of you who are now reading these words. Expect to see signs of this Divine Love showing up for you in the form of roses!

Welcoming Blessings Into Our Lives
This week (and longer, if you like), allow roses to come into your life. They may come in pictures, in fresh blooms, in words, or works of art. You may just notice the scent of rose where you don’t even see any flowers. Receive each gift of roses as a manifestation of Divine Grace and a sign that wonderful things are afoot. Expect serendipity and give thanks every time it occurs.

And to keep the blessing of roses growing, every time you experience roses coming to you, imagine sending them on to everyone else who is, has or will read these words. Picture miracle roses blessing with grace and serendipity all these souls, unseen and unknown, with whom you are now deeply connected in love.

(Adapted from Lynn Woodland’s book, Holding a Butterfly—An Experiment in Miracle-Making.)