Undercover Agent Cultivates a Sixth Sense by J Brocas

The following is an excerpt (slightly edited) from the book, Sixth Sense, by Jock Brocas. What I love about this story (and the book) is that it emphasizes the idea that 1) we all can cultivate sixth sense skills. Also, 2) it shows the utter practicality of so doing. During these times of tremendous change, I believe it to be very important to reach for intelligence and perceptions beyond our old ways. Perhaps our collective survival will depend upon it.

Undercover Agent Cultivates a Sixth Sense

by J Brocas

Bridging the physical, mental and spiritual is the sixth sense. Everyone has five physical senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. But there are more senses – inner senses. The most common is generally described as the ‘sixth sense’, also known as gut instinct, intuition, feelings, vibes, inner knowing or perception. As you develop, you will be able to distinguish between different types of the sixth sense.

Many people already use the inner senses without realising it, but I will direct you in how to use them consciously. You can sharpen your inner sense with use. It’s the same as with your ordinary faculties. You can see but not notice. You can not listen carefully, and miss important information.

The greater the quality of attention you can bring to a situation, the higher your degree of awareness. Beyond what we normally sense is another realm, a higher mind. To begin to comprehend what we cannot see can change life for the better, and in times of trouble it can provide the vital support we need.

Befriending Drug Smugglers
Here’s an example of using the sixth sense. Many years ago, I was engaged on a dangerous operation whilst working closely with a police intelligence unit that involved investigating international criminals based in London. The closer I came to this organisation, the higher the risk.

In order to gain quality information, you have to be in the main line of fire – that’s where the action is. The level of intelligence I was receiving involved me deeply infiltrating their ranks and putting myself at a potentially lethal risk, and the closer I got to them, the higher the possibility of being found out.

They were heavily involved in smuggelling drugs and would kill those who made a stand against them or crossed them – a modern mafiosa. I knew names, dates, places and other modus operandi of the group, including international connections.

Universe Is Intelligent
One day, when I was to meet a contact, things went wrong: the car would not start, my communications started to play up, the phone would not work, my radio receiver kept jumping frequency, and I felt an unusual sense of unease and urgency.

I stopped and went into the silence of my own inner world. In my mind, I had an image of myself tied up, being beaten then shot in the back of the head. It was almost as if I was watching an internal video. I could physically feel sensations of pain in my body. The image made me feel sick. I decided to change my route through London and not turn up for the meeting.

I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I discovered later, a kidnap attempt had been set up. My inner senses had saved my life. The small signs that had gathered around me all day had built an impetus in an attempt to avert my fate. It worked because I was aware.

More than a Security Guard
Of course, that could have been luck and coincidence. Here’s a more dramatic example that’s harder to explain away. For a while I worked with Special Branch in the UK, and would pass myself off as a rogue security guard, a military expert gone bad, for hire to the highest bidder.

I managed to befriend one of the main operatives in a terrorist organisation that smuggled arms and drugs. I became their fix-it man, passing on bullet proof vests and similar equipment to gain their trust. They came to see me as a man in the know, while I passed intelligence back to my colleagues.

One day my contact’s brother was killed by a rival gang – hanged from the rafters to make it look like suicide. My contact was distraught, and I encouraged his desire for revenge. He agreed to give me information on a major arms haul this rival gang were planning, so we could set them up.

The meeting place was set and I flew in from London. The appointment time came and went, but he didn’t show. I spoke on the mobile to my police colleagues in London, who said to come back on the next available flight – no more time or money was to be wasted. But the “no-show” wasn’t in character.

Asking for Higher Knowing
So I asked myself what had gone wrong and what I should do. When I have a problem, I meditate and go within to find the answer. Find a quiet spot, if you can, still the mind, sink deep, let it roam free and bring what’s there up to the surface.

Within a few minutes the name of a shopping centre came to my mind, with a picture of a bag of sweets. A voice appeared in my head telling me what to do. I followed it and found myself walking to the centre.

As I approached it, my target appeared with children in tow. He said he had been delayed, had run into some problems in his home area and was worried that Special Branch would know of his movements. He decided to bring his children with him as a cover story; on holiday to meet family in Scotland.

We stopped for coffee, and looking around nervously he passed over a tiny piece of paper wrapped up in a hankerchief. It had information on the movements of released prisoners who were back in business. I had my intelligence.

A Cultivated Skill
That is not coincidence. It is a skill that you can cultivate. It’s like an animal using its inner instincts for survival, but it is more than a hyper-acute sense of smell, sniffing danger. It’s tuning in to the pattern of events imprinted on the universe all around you.

J Brocas has traveled worldwide and directed corporations in all aspects of security and survival by integrating mind, body and spirit. His combining the teaching of the art of Ninjutsu – the art of winning – with work as a professional psychic medium, criminals have been caught and many lives have been saved. His book, Powers of the Sixth Sense is the first of four books in a series, each one building on the other. For further information about his books, seminars, mediumship services, etc., see his website: www.jockbrocas.com/

Sixth Sense

Thanks for your candid account of this experience. Sounds like you are an example of lividity, if the word were used to mean the art of being alive. I too notice that often all it takes to transform my life, which is far more mundane than yours, is to pay attention. Then I know what people's true intentions are and what the optimal response would be. What I sometimes lack is the commitment to myself to stay in that state. But if I am truthful, I have a particular enjoyment of the mundane, so maybe there is no real "mundane". I think more important is to be open to interruptions to one's habitual responses. Eating popcorn, watching movies, smelling flowers, enhance my lividity. The phone call to go where I wasn't planning to, needs to meet with the same openness. It sounds like you are honoring that in yourself.

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I am agree with you.Many people already use the inner senses without realising it, but I will direct you in how to use them consciously. You can sharpen your inner sense with use. It’s the same as with your ordinary faculties. You can see but not notice. You can not listen carefully, and miss important information.

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