LOA & Manifesting My Perfect Job

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Tell us about real experiences you’ve had with this LOA you say. I have many but I’ll tell you one. When I found my self job-hunting a few years ago, I knew I had the summer to create one. And getting it was against all odds.

I would go into a daydream repeatedly that was spontaneous. You see I didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted, but the daydream revealed it to me. I didn’t go into daydream with a plan to focus on the library. Rather, I let myself go to a place that I loved and did what seemed natural and pleasurable to do.

Daydream Revelations
Soon I found myself mentally roaming the stacks of my local library. From then on it was easy to fantasize. I lived that scene repeatedly all summer. I knew I couldn’t have worked at that library until I was working at the library. That’s what I did for 3 months – play at being a librarian in my mind.

Later when I went job shopping, I walked into that library with every assurance that I would get a job. The woman there said there was no job, didn’t ask me to leave a resume’ and implied that I was impudent for even asking. I didn’t let that faze me. I went from there to the local bookstore and easily got that job. Oh well, I thought, it comes when it comes.

A few months later, a woman who worked at both the store and the library gave her personal recommendation of me to the library. She did this without my asking her. She then told me and said it was mine if I wanted it. I got my foot in the door and was eventually a benefited employee. Both the bookstore and the library were considered plum jobs. Local folks told this to me repeatedly.

Was this spiritual? That has been another hang-up for me. What I now know is that unhappiness interrupts my awareness of God in my life. This creative challenge helped motivate me to learn self-awareness in the context of arranging my “outer” reality. I create myself into a larger sense of my life.

Playfully Positive
The things I learned from this experience were as follows. It is good to revisit practices from the past that have worked a little for they might work even better with additional focus and repetition. I learned that my own imagination gives me the raw material I need for my dreams if I playfully allow it.

Also, it takes as long as it takes and the LOA has methods that I know not of. I learned not to get discouraged if it looks as if I will have to settle for less. Often these early, lesser manifestations are precursors of the real thing and actually herald its arrival.