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Using Social Media for Real Contact - 5 min

This is a wonderful, short presentation by a young man (an American) on how we can and should use our social media for real contact across the globe, and allow the experience on a global family.

Maureen & Zelle - Awesome Relationships

This is an interview of Maureen McCarthy and Zelle Nelson, a deeply in love married couple, I did in 2008. Their story is as profoundly inspiring as it is informative in how we all can love each other, truly.

Share Spray - The Sharing Solution

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This is an awesome 5 min video, done in cartoon, on how we can transform our lives and our neighborhoods. A must see! Enjoy!

2012 Great Awakening

This is a 5-min video of Esther HIcks channeling "Abraham" on the "Great Awakening" of 2012 - that it is NOT a sudden change or quantum leap!

The WaySeer Manifesto

A very uplifting, musical message - 9.5 min.

1min 44sec - wow! Done by a 20-yr-old, We've got it Backwards!

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A 1min 44sec video by a 20-yr-old on how we have it all backwards. Over 13 million views!

A New Life in 30 Days,

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A older but very clear 9 min video from Jerry & Esther Hicks (www.abraham-hicks) on creating a New Life in 30 Days!

Abraham on Freedom & Diversity

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A 7:40 min video from

Law of Attraction

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This is a 7 minute video from Esther and Jerry Hicks and their website:

Chicago News team - good news before the news!

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Proof that things are changing for the better, despite all appearances to the contrary! 2:44

Are you going to finish Strong? — Nick Vujicic video

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This young man has no limbs and yet is a motivational speaker and leads an amazing life. See a brief synopsis of his life and then see him inspire some high school students. 4:33

Calling forth participatory democracy!

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This very short, 35 second, video has inspired many thousands of Americans to step up and build more hope with the action of community service - to work together, because we can!

President Obama takes the oath and delivers his inaugural address.

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This is a 22 minute video that shows President Barack Obama taking the oath of office and delivering his inaugural address. Amazing!

The Animal Odd Couple

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An elephant shows extreme caring for a canine companion.

EarthCare GlobalTv

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This is a 1:40 minute inspiring video from, submitted by a good friend Mary Saint-Marie, to the 4th One-Minute Shift Contest, August, 2008. Mary is a mystic poet, artist, visionary, healer and writer sharing the illuminated story of the collective Oneness, living in Taos, New Mexico. See: